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Exclusive Brush Pack – 15 Wicked Wings

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Photoshop brushes are a popular type of resource because they can be used to not only apply an effect to a graphic but also as clip art as well. Today, we are giving away a set of 15 Photoshop brushes that can be used to easily add wings to your designs. Download this set of brushes and use them in your next design for free!

Exclusive Brush Pack – 15 Wicked Wings

There are 15 High Resolution Photoshop Brushes in this pack. The license allows you to use these brushes in your commercial and personal projects. See the download file for details. Below is an example of what type of brushes are included in this set.


This exclusive set of Photoshop Brushes was created by Nathan Brown. We are very excited to partner up with him on the release of this set of freebies.

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