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Evoke's 29th Art Exhibition

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Recently, Evoke decided to celebrate the end of the Mayan calendar by presenting a collection of artwork called "The End." This was their 29th exhibition and featured lots of art, photography, and music focused around a dark theme. In this article, we will present a collection of these works.

Fire in the Hole by Billy Bogiatzoglou

Everything is Falling Parker by Gibson & Ricardo Juarez

Judgmenent - Fire or Glory by Raf Banzuela III

Leti’ Xuul Lela’ by Ricardo Juarez

Destroy by Tudoran Alexandru

Rebirth by Martin Grohs

Fragile Hope by H. Dyst Winterson

Our Journey by Oliver Gareis

Inferno by Mikolaj Lawnicki

Ransack by Aaron Campbell

The Last Breath by Brandon Spahn

The Pair by Parker Gibson

Funeral by Daniel Kong

Beyond by Courtney Wooster

Amorph by JB Gordon

Serenity by Emil Tanev

More Information

For more information about Evoke, visit their Website, Facebook, or Twitter pages.

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