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Envato’s Global Meetup Program Is Launching!

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If you've been to any of our Tuts+ meetups in the past, you know they're a great way to meet fellow creatives in your industry, share ideas, and make connections. 

Now our parent company Envato is launching a Global Meetup Program, giving you the chance to connect with people in an even larger, more diverse community. And to celebrate, we're going to send special merchandise to the organisers of the first five meetups created in February. Read on to find out how you can get involved.

What Are Envato Community Run Meetups?

Envato Meetups are self-organized events for members of the Envato community. Whether you’re an author on Envato Market, a client on Envato Studio, or a learner on Tuts+, get together, talk shop, trade war stories, make new friends, and see the faces behind the avatars. They can be casual, coffee-shop get togethers, or epic full-day events. It’s up to you.

Searching for an Envato Meetup in Your Hometown?

Check out our new Upcoming meetup pages on envato.com and discover if there is one happening near you.

Envato meetupsEnvato meetupsEnvato meetups

Do You Want to Host Your Own Envato Meetup?

Organizing a successful Envato meetup takes time, a passion for the community, a bunch of creativity, and oodles of energy. If you have these things to spare then we'd love to help you host your first (or 10th!) Envato meetup. Head over to our new meetup pages on envato.com, and follow the simple steps! Boom! You’re on your way to hosting your first Envato Meetup. We will even add some extra cool merchandise for the first five meetups created in February.

Need Help?

Get in touch at meetups@envato.com and we will do our best to help.

Need Some Inspiration? 

Check out this video about the Indonesian Envato Authors National Meetup in November 2014.

Read the full story of the event at Inside Envato.

Get Involved

Remember, it's easy to take part. Just browse the Meetups page on the Envato website to see if there's an event happening in your area. And if there isn't, then make it happen! Email meetups@envato.com if you need help getting started.

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