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Envato 'WordPress Pack' Bundle!


Love WordPress? Well you're going to love our latest Envato Bundle - the WordPress Pack - which has over $250 of premium WP Themes, Plugins, a mobile theme, a psd template, a copy of my book How to Be a Rockstar WordPress Designer, and a Tuts Premium tutorial series, all for the amazing price of $30! But it's only available for 7 days, so grab it while it's hot!

Buy the Envato 'WordPress Pack' Bundle

You can get more details about the bundle over on our central bundle page. Or if you are ready to start buying, head to CodeCanyon's WordPress Pack Item Page to Buy it Now!

Like the Illustration? Check out mljarmin's entire portfolio on GraphicRiver.

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If our Birthday Bundle is anything to go by, this bundle is going to sell a mountain of copies. If you'd like to earn some quick cash this week, you can promote the bundle using our referral program and earn 30% of sales. Promote the WordPress Pack Bundle.

Sell Your Themes and Plugins

ThemeForest and CodeCanyon have been helping authors around the world earn thousands and thousands of dollars every month selling their WordPress work. And with our recently massive author rate upgrade you'll earn even more!

So if you have the skills, join us today!

Envato + WordPress

As you probably know, here at Envato we are pretty WordPress crazy. Not only do we run a bazillion blogs on the platform, we also have tutorials, books, and of course the world's largest Premium WordPress Theme Marketplace, and more recently, the world's largest Premium WordPress Plugin Marketplace. To give you a sense of how successful ThemeForest in particular has been, our WP library there is over 800 strong. That's 2/3 the size of the WordPress.org free library! And that's despite the fact that we are quite discriminating about what is accepted into the marketplace.

All our themes and plugins are GPL compliant, and have been since 2009. We've also begun open sourcing plugins we use here on the Tuts+ sites, and look forward to adding more to the WordPress community. Finally, if you are organizing a WordCamp, we will be opening an official Envato sponsorship channel to help support community meetups around the globe, so stay tuned! If you have any ideas on how else we can support the WordPress community, get in touch or add a comment!

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