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Envato Tuts+ Community Challenge: Created by You, September 2016 Edition

Welcome to our monthly feature of fantastic tutorial results created by you, the Envato Tuts+ community! Every day, visitors like you take the time not only to read our tutorials but also to try them out. This is an assortment of those comment submissions found throughout the Design & Illustration section. Check out this set of results and join in for the next roundup, published next month!

Vector Tutorial Results

Taken from the comments section of your favorite tutorials, these first pieces are an assortment of results created with vector drawing programs. Check out these amazing results!

Create a Tattoo Style, Grunge, Day of the Dead Girl Poster

Lénárt Lívia created her own unique Grunge Poster inspired by this tutorial from She added:

A great tutorial. I'm not afraid to use a lot of lines. Thanks!
Grunge Day of Dead Poster by Lenart Livia

Create an Inspirational Vector Political Poster

Alexander Angelos created his own unique scene inspired by this Political Poster tutorial from . He said:

Thank you so much for that amazing tutorial!
Political Poster by Alexander Angels

Quick Tip: How to Create a Simple Set of Map Pins

User Butu created this Simple Set of Map Pins with the help of a tutorial from . He added:

Thanks Andrei. Time taken, 10 minutes for one pin, plus 10 minutes for extra decoration. Here is my try!
Map Pin Set by Butu

Creating a Dramatic Portrait With Chunky Line Art

Asiya Yergaleyeva created this beautiful yet simple Dramatic Line Art Portrait inspired by a tutorial from instructor .

Line Portrait by Asiya Yergaleyeva

How to Make a Neon Calavera Girl Vector Portrait in Adobe Illustrator

Sayyeda Stark created this beautiful Calavera Girl Portrait inspired by the amazing tutorial from . She said:

Here's my version. Thanks for this tutorial! I had so much fun making this!
Calavera Vector Portrait by Sayyeda Stark

How to Create a Stylized Captain’s Portrait in Adobe Illustrator

User Peachybones created a fun Stylized Captain Portrait of her own from this awesome tutorial by . She said:

Super fun! Great tutorial!
Vector Sea Captain Portrait by Peachybones

Create an Illuminated Digital Paper Cut-Out Scene in Adobe Illustrator

Chris Huwer created this fun spooky Paper Cut-Out Scene inspired by the amazing . He mentioned:

Thanks, this was very helpful to understand Adobe illustrator. I just didn't get that golden shine like yours.
Illustrator Paper Cut Out Scene by Chris Huwer

Create a Lisa Frank Inspired Colourful Pegasus in Adobe Illustrator

Angela created this delightful design inspired by the Pegasus Tutorial from the wonderful .

Vector Pegasus by Angela

How to Create a Cartoon-Like Elemental Sword in Adobe Illustrator

User Kaaalister created this awesome fiery Elemental Sword inspired by a tutorial from

Cartoon Vector Sword by Kaaalister

How to Create a To-Do List App Icon in Adobe Illustrator

Ilenia made this wonderful To-Do List Icon inspired by a tutorial from . She added:

Good tutorial! Thank you for sharing with us!
Pencil and List Vector Icon by Illenia

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial Results

Let's take a look at this next set of results inspired by Adobe Photoshop tutorials published here on Envato Tuts+. Contributions range from photo effects to patterns and more! Check out these wicked results below!

Create a Cinematic "Sergeant America" Text Effect in Photoshop

Inspired by this Cinematic Text Effect from , user BDG created one of his own. He added:

It's very different, but thanks for this awesome tutorial.
Captain America Text Effect by BDG

Create an Amplifier Interface From Scratch in Photoshop

Patrice Redondo made this remarkable Amplifier Interface by instructor . He said:

Thanks for this tutorial, I learned a lot of things!
Photoshop Amplifier Interface by Patrice Redondo

Create a Vintage Bloody Text Effect Wallpaper Design in Adobe Photoshop

Colm White created his own gory Bloody Text Effect inspired by a tutorial from .

Bloody Text Effect by Colm White

Create a Crystal Beast Concept Art Work in Adobe Photoshop

Panico747 painted this awesome Crystal Beast inspired by the work of .

Crystal Animal Painting by Panico747

How to Create a Brushed Metal Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop

User Dark Acre Jack created his own interpretation of this Brushed Metal Text Effect from instructor . He mentioned:

Thanks for the clear instructions. Went with a few different things but the fundamentals were all the same.
Photoshop Brushed Metal Effect by Dark Acre Jack

How to Paint Realistic Eyes in Adobe Photoshop

Sabrina Hutchinson painted this beautiful Realistic Eye inspired by a tutorial from . She said:

Loved this tutorial. Here is my result! I haven't decided on the color of makeup yet but it was fun to play around with!
Eye painting by Sabrina Hutchinson

How to Create a Painted Pet Portrait Effect in Adobe Photoshop

Inspired by this Pet Portrait Effect from , Scatmack created the one below, exclaiming:

Thank you so much! Time flew by in the blink of an eye! I sat here listening to music for 3 hours just slowly painting the dog! I was so focused, that I missed you not painting everything and leaving out the background. In the end I didn't want to change it because that was the work I put in. Keep up the work!
Painted Portrait Effect by Scatmack

Create an Abstract Portrait Photo Manipulation With Adobe Photoshop

Wendy Van Den Elzen created this fantastical Abstract Portrait Manipulation inspired by the amazing . She mentioned:

Nice tutorial. I enjoyed it very much and it was not so difficult to make (I'm a beginner).
Abstract Portrait Manipulation by Wendy Van Den Elzen

Design Tutorial Results

These final pieces are inspired by an assortment of design tutorials that don't quite fit the previous categories. They include everything from print design to drawing and more! Enjoy these beautiful pieces created by the community below!

How to Create a Vintage Type Postcard

Duc Su created this awesome Vintage Type Postcard inspired by a tutorial from

Vintage Postcard Tutorial by Duc Su

Create a Thistle Infographic to Celebrate Burns Night in Adobe InDesign

Arjen van der Velde made this awesome Burns Night Infographic inspired by this great tutorial from .

Very good tutorial. It was not really a challenge for me, but I learned something new. I didn't know that you could join paths in Indesign. Thanks!
Simple InDesign Infographic by Arjen van der Velde

Create a Seamless Fantasy Floral Pattern in Adobe Photoshop

Zaria Moon created this beautiful Fantasy Floral Pattern inspired by a tutorial from . She added:

I tried this tutorial. I'd say I have beginner to intermediate knowledge of Photoshop and very amateur design knowledge. With that said, this is a great tutorial as I was able to create something awesome just with my little know-how. Thank you very much! I will totally do it again a little bit cleaner. But the directions were awesome, just realized I'm missing a nice background color.
Fantasy Floral Pattern by Zaria Moon

How to Be Involved in the Next Showcase

Have you created a piece based on one of our tutorials here in the Design & Illustration section of Envato Tuts+? We're keen for you to share your results with us! Check out the general guidelines below to join in with our community:

  • Your artwork should be similar in some way to the tutorial that you followed or that inspired it. The aim of these showcases is to share what readers have created after following the tutorial.
  • Comment on the tutorial you used, attaching an image of your result. We're keen on all levels of ability: from beginner to advanced!
  • Include a comment about your result, yourself, or your process. We like knowing about you and what you're sharing.
  • Share the tutorial when you share that artwork elsewhere on the web. If you've posted your piece on sites like Facebook, Tumblr or Behance, link back to the tutorial so that other users know your source and can join in on the fun.

Thanks to everyone who was highlighted above for sharing your results with the Envato Tuts+ community. We look forward to checking out your brilliant versions of our tutorials in the near future, and welcome users new and old to participate in upcoming showcases.

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