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Envato Tuts+ Community Challenge: Created by You, January 2020 Edition

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Read Time: 8 min

Hello and welcome back to our monthly community feature here at Envato Tuts+! It's been a wonderful year, and we're so excited to see what 2020 brings! This month, we're taking a look at some of the wonderful submissions we saw over the past month, as well as some other fun submissions from the past year.

These submissions are specifically from the Design & Illustration sections of Envato Tuts+. Thank you all so much for reading, creating, and sharing your progress with us!

Remember, you can join in the fun too! If you've completed a walkthrough or tutorial, share your final product with us—whether it's a similar outcome or if you've taken your own spin on things! We'd love to see what you came up with! Just comment below the tutorial and include a visual, so we can see it!

Vector Tutorial Results

Let's begin with some of the lovely submissions we received that were specifically vector creations. Have a look at these lovely submissions, as well as the tutorials that inspired them!

How to Create a Cactus Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator

Check out this submission from Svetlana Mraovic, based on a tutorial by Andrei Marius. This vector text effect is such a fun one—your work turned out great here, Svetlana! Thanks so much for sharing your results with us.

Svetlana MraovicSvetlana MraovicSvetlana Mraovic
Submission by Svetlana Mraovic

How to Create a Garden Gnome Illustration in Adobe Illustrator

The lovely Svetlana Mraovic shared even more with us this month—this time, a vector illustration inspired by a tutorial written by Nataliya Dolotko. Your results here look awesome, Svetlana! I like your take here on the mustache.

Svetlana MraovicSvetlana MraovicSvetlana Mraovic
Submission by Svetlana Mraovic

How to Create an Illustration for International Women's Day in Adobe Illustrator

This illustration for International Women's Day is so cute—check out the version Vïkäs JäñgRã created! This is inspired by a tutorial written by Nataliya Dolotko. I really like your extra touches here, Vïkäs! Thanks so much for sharing your lovely result with us.

Vks JgRVks JgRVks JgR
Submission by Vïkäs JäñgRã

How to Create a 3D Text Art Effect in Adobe Illustrator

Text effects can be so much fun to experiment with! Svetlana created this lovely result from a tutorial by Andrei Marius. Thank you so much for so many submissions this month! You've created such lovely work—hope to see more from you next month, too!

Svetlana MraovicSvetlana MraovicSvetlana Mraovic
Submission by Svetlana Mraovic

How to Create a Retro Fox Illustration in Adobe Illustrator

Isn't this fox illustration cute? This submission is from anaht handa—lovely work here, anaht! I like the large scale on your strawberries' pips! Thanks so much for sharing your adorable results with us. It's so cute!

anaht handaanaht handaanaht handa
Submission by anaht handa

How to Create a Mid-Century Style Pattern in Adobe Illustrator

Isn't this pattern cute? This tutorial, by Ivan Petrusevski, walks you through how to create it—and here are Malini Rao's results! Wonderful work here, Malini! This is such a cute pattern. Thanks so much for sharing your results with us this month!

Malini RaoMalini RaoMalini Rao
Submission by Malini Rao

How to Use Brushes in Adobe Illustrator to Create a Colorful Flamingo

I love this super cute flamingo illustration! Here's Superkript's take on this one—I really like your alternative take on the wings! The texture here is so lovely too. Thank you for sharing your take on this tutorial with us!

Submission by Superkript

How to Create a Deep Diving Illustration in Adobe Illustrator

Isn't this illustration cool? There's so much to see here! Lawrence Dela Pena really pushed this tutorial, written by Aliaksei Kruhlenia, further and added so much fun extra content! Fantastic work here, Lawrence! Thanks so much for sharing your inspiring work with everyone!

Lawrence Dela PenaLawrence Dela PenaLawrence Dela Pena
Submission by Lawrence Dela Pena

How to Create an Illustration of a Starling on a Branch in Adobe Illustrator

This adorable tutorial teaches you how to create an illustration of a starling on a branch—and Georgiana Truica used this tutorial in an alternate illustration! I love how you incorporated this into the vase here, Georgiana! So glad to hear this tutorial helped you in the creation of your work. Really lovely!

Georgiana TruicaGeorgiana TruicaGeorgiana Truica
Submission by Georgiana Truica

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial Results

There were some amazing Photoshop submissions in the past year. Here's a selection of some really awesome ones, submitted and created by the Envato Tuts+ community! Thanks so much for sharing your creations with us!

How to Create a Photo to Watercolor Photoshop Action

How awesome are these results submitted by ArvinSegunto? Wow! This is inspired by a tutorial written by Marko Kožokar, and it is such a fun one! Imagine all the things you could do with this Photoshop action! Thank you so much for sharing your stunning results with us, ArvinSegunto!

Submission by ArvinSegunto

How to Create a Fantasy Fairy Photo Manipulation With Adobe Photoshop

This tutorial, by Jenny Le, walks you through creating a fantasy photo manipulation—and here's the lovely result submitted by Susana González Gutierrez! I really like the wings here, Susana! We're so glad to hear you enjoyed this tutorial! Keep up the great work!

Susana Gonzlez GutierrezSusana Gonzlez GutierrezSusana Gonzlez Gutierrez
Submission by Susana González Gutierrez

How to Make Watercolor Effects in Photoshop Quickly With Actions

Here's another stunning tutorial from the very skilled Marko Kožokar! Lisamery submitted their results, and they look great! This effect has such an interesting texture. Thanks so much for sharing your outcome with us, Lisamery!

Submission by Lisamery

Design & Illustration Tutorial Results

And here are some additional submissions that didn't necessarily fit into the other two categories. Take a look at these fun and inspiring creations—thank you for sharing your results with us!

How to Create a Minecraft Character in Affinity Designer

Love Minecraft? Check out this fun tutorial by Andrei Stefan, which walks through creating a blocky, Minecraft-inspired character! Here's a tutorial result submitted by Moises Ramírez. Nice work here, Moises! Glad to hear you liked the tutorial!

Moises RamrezMoises RamrezMoises Ramrez
Submission by Moises Ramírez

How to Create a Summer Portrait With Ice Cream in Procreate

I love this beautiful illustration, and its companion tutorial, by Maria Dimova. That said, the results here posted by Xan are super beautiful too! I love your take on this illustration; you have a lovely style! Thanks so much for sharing your work with us!

Submission by Xan

Digital Drawing for Beginners: Digital Shading

Humayun shared this stunning rose illustration—wow! It's really, really awesome! Fantastic work, Humayun! This submission was inspired by a tutorial by Monika Zagrobelna. Check it out!

Submission by Humayun

How to Design a Virtual Reality Kid Character in Affinity Designer

This fun submission is from Sofiane Sebbouh, inspired by a tutorial by Yulia Sokolova. Lovely work here! I really like your take on some of the extra dotted elements here. Thanks so much for sharing your results with everyone!

Sofiane SebbouhSofiane SebbouhSofiane Sebbouh
Submission by Sofiane Sebbouh

We Want to See Your Creations!

Have you created content that was inspired by a tutorial here at Envato Tuts+? We would love to see your work—share your work with us! Whether it's your result from a detailed walkthrough or an original take on the tutorial, we love to see what our readers have made.

We'll be keeping an eye out to see what you've been up to! Want to get involved? Here's how:

  • Your submission, art or design, should be similar to the tutorial that you followed. You are encouraged to have fun with it and make it your own, but we should be able to see the inspiration from the tutorial as well. 
  • Comment on the tutorial that you followed or were inspired by and attach your results. Remember, all skill levels are encouraged to participate!
  • If you share your work elsewhere, like on social media, please link back to the tutorial you followed, so others can check it out too!

Thank you so much for all of the wonderful submissions over the past month—and over the past year too! We're so excited to see what's to come in 2020! We'll be on the lookout, so please keep reading, keep creating, and keep sharing!

You can check out last month's community highlights here!

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