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Envato Sponsors the 2010 Annual Design Awards


Envato (the company behind Tuts+) will be sponsoring the 2010 Annual Design Awards' 'Designer of the Year' category.

The awards present a wonderful opportunity for graphic designers to have their work seen by luminaries in the industry like David Carson, Chuck Anderson, James Verdesoto (designer of the Pulp Fiction movie poster), Nik Ainley and Laura Smith. These people and more will be judging entries.

The awards exist to discover and celebrate outstanding talents in the design world and to reward creativity with a meaningful honour. Entry fees are low and a portion of the profits will be donated to Cancer Research UK. Every entrant will feature in the new Designers Directory, have the chance to feature in the yearly book that will be published to showcase the best designs, and have access to the website notice board where designers can promote their business, special offers, job vacancies and more.

The Annual Design Awards will not just be celebrating the finalists and winners of each category but will also be dishing out awards to outstanding contributions. The judges will select entries that they feel are truly groundbreaking and those participants will be honoured with an 'Excellence in Design Accolade' amongst other 'special' awards.

All finalists will feature in numerous promotions and media coverage and will gain global respect within the industry as well as receiving promotional tools from the organisers, with all winners receiving the glamourous trophy and additional promotions around the world.

What's more, the organisers are giving all Envato Members a special discount to enter the awards. Tuts+ readers will get a 30 per cent discount on entry (enter here) using this promotional code: 22ENVATO30.

You can keep up with all the latest from the Annual Design Awards team on Twitter: @ADAwards.

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