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Enter to Win - Free Tickets to a Vector Basic Training Seminar with Von Glitschka

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Are you looking to improve your vector skills? Want to learn from internationally-recognized vector illustrative designer, Von Glitchka? If you're serious about boosting your Adobe Illustrator skills, then of course you do. He'll teach you (in person) a series of simple, but critical processes every designer should consider and adopt when producing vector artwork. Grab your tickets today. Just fill out an entry form and Astute Graphics we'll be choosing 5 random Vecrotuts+ readers as winners.


Prizes: Win 1 of 5 Seminar Tickets

In a special one-off event, in collaboration with MacUser magazine and Dennis Publishing, Astute Graphics will be offering 120 free invitations to a very special training seminar for all vector designers out there! They have generously allocated 5 of those tickets (guaranteed) to readers of Vectortuts+. Each ticket is worth around $300USD, so well worth attending.

If you are looking to improve your vector design skills and workflow, it would be great to see you at this special seminar held at ExCel, London, on October 22, 2011 starting at 2:30pm. It's an afternoon of creative vector enlightenment hosted by the internationally-renowned US designer Von Glitschka.


Bring your laptop loaded with Illustrator (and VectorScribe!) and follow Von's successful techniques on getting the best from you, your computer and your pencil.

Not only will Astute Graphics be giving lucky people the opportunity to learn from the best, but we will also be paying your £10 LITS entrance ticket. This allows you to explore the latest major UK technology event in the morning before taking your seat.

When and where?

The Vector Basic Training session will take place in a special presentation room alongside the London International Technology Show held at ExCel, London, UK. For more details about the show, click here...

  • Date of training session: Saturday, 22 October 2011
  • Time: 2:30pm to 5:00pm (show closing time)

The session will take 2.5 hours and feature 2 quarter hour breaks where it will be possible to take up some special offers.

How to Enter

Just fill out an entry form.

Astute Graphics will be choosing 5 Vectortuts+ readers at random for guaranteed invitations. In the Reference code box, be sure to enter "VTP" to be considered for one the 5 guaranteed invitations.

In addition to completing the application form winners will need to provide a deposit, which helps ensure that winners attend the event. No purchase is necessary, but a fully refundable £20 deposit will be required, repayable upon attendance.

Terms and Conditions

  • This contest closes on September 4th, 2011 at midnight EST.
  • This competition is not open to Envato employees.
  • Since the conference is being held in London, entry is limited to those in the UK and Northern Europe. Only enter if you can physically make it to the event.
  • Additional Terms and Conditions can be found on the form entry page.


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