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Discussion: What Type of Computer do you use for Design?

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Mac 'vs' PC, 'vs' Linux, 'vs' Mobile Device... Is the competition really worth it? In the past, "Computer A is better than Computer B" may have been a fair argument, but with multi platform graphics applications and more power in a mobile phone than a room full of vintage computers, is there really an ideal machine for Graphic Designers? Read on and share your thoughts with the Vectortuts+ community.

Which is Best?

Personal computers have been around for a long time, some people even find it difficult to remember life without them. Over this time, Graphic Designers and Illustrators have gone from using them as clunky typewriter replacements, to slick machines that render complex images (not to mention run multiple programs and connect to the internet). So with the average computer far exceeding the power of computers from even a few years ago, is there still a reason to chose one computer type over another?

Illustration by Sean Kelly

My Story

Personally I own both a Mac and a PC, this is for a few reasons. I have a Desktop PC because it's cheaper and I can pack it full of extras without breaking the bank, add a second monitor with the spare change and run games in my limited time off (also bought with the spare change!). I have a MacBook Pro for freelancing (almost everyone expects a freelance designer to use Mac), so I can use (and love) programs like Billings, Little Snapper and CandyBar and so I can confidently navigate the Mac OS when I'm working "in-house".

Illustration by Sean Kelly

If I was to chose the computer that I made better illustrations on, I couldn't tell you. Aside from some horrible experiences with Windows Vista (I'm now running 7) my PC is just as usable than my Mac, and because I have no need for video or 3D rendering my workflow is just as fast on both machines.


This is where I'm going to ask for your opinions. What Type of Computer do you use for Design and why? Fill out the poll and leave your thoughts in the comments section below. Let's get the discussion started and figure out if there really is an ideal machine for modern Graphic Designers.

Note: The poll has been updated to reflect software rather than hardware with the previous votes remaining the same

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