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Discussion: Is Vector a Form of Art?

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Original artworks can be highly sought after, but how does digital media fit into the equation? Because a Vector file can be infinitely reproduced, will this form of art ever be held in the same esteem as its traditional cousins? Join us in our community discussion: Is vector an art form?

Is Vector Art?

So here's the question that I've had on my mind recently... Is vector a widely accepted form of art? There's amazing vector artists out there, some of which we have interviewed on Vectortuts+, but are they held in the same esteem as painters, sculptors, or photographers?

Art is the product or process of deliberately arranging items (often with symbolic significance) in a way that influences and affects one or more of the senses, emotions, and intellect. - Wikipedia

If art is defined as something that affects senses, emotions and intellect, does vector come under this description or is it simply a medium for illustration? If vector isn't art already, will it be considered an art form in the future?

Illustration by Sean Kelly

My Story

A few months ago I was selling limited edition Giclée prints of my artwork at a market stall in Melbourne. I was approached by someone who was an avid collector of local art and illustration, and everything was going great until he asked to buy an "original" piece of my work. How could I provide an original if my medium was Vector? I explained that I could make a commission with a one off signed print, but I was met with confusion.

"I only collect originals, I'm very sorry, perhaps you should draw in pencil. Goodbye"

Naturally I was pretty upset! Why would I change from Vector just to make my artwork "legitimate"? Vector takes hours and hours of obsessing over lines, colors, compositions — not to mention that to make one visual "line" I have to draw two vector lines.

Illustration by Sean Kelly

If one person uses vector and and the other uses paint, what makes one an artists and the other an Illustrator? Is it because most people have a recollection of painting at some time or another, and can imagine an artist working with paint? Not many people have any experience with vector programs so is it harder to imagine the creative process?

What Do You Think?

This is where I'm going to ask for your opinions. Is vector a form of art? If so why? If not, should it be? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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