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Creative Sessions: Interface Design Launch

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Successful interfaces allow you to use them easily - they should feel seamless with the device you're accessing with, and the experience you're having. Successful interface designers have a theoretical foundation in numerous fields, which focus on planning and delivering great user experiences, as well as a strong graphic sensibility which they use to create interfaces that are attractive and fun to interact with. In this session we cover numerous subjects on Interface Design.

There are many fields that have risen in the last few years, such as Experience Design, Interaction Design, Information Architecture, and User-Centered Design that form the backbone of your interface design. We'll be getting into these subjects in this session to give you a theoretical foundation and some starting points for study. We'll also bring all this together and discuss interface design workflows of professionals and provide materials to learn Graphic User Interface (GUI) Design to get you on your way to creating professional interfaces.

Head over to our article on Getting Started with Interface Design to get going with a broad overview of interface design.

Participate in this Session's Group Project

Jump over to this Session's creative project on Create an Application Icon or Dashboard Widget. Choose the project to participate in that best fits your skill level and interest. This session's Beginner/Intermediate project the brief is to make an icon for applications, which is great practice for building your GUI skills.


We also have an Advanced project where you design a widget, which is a great way to get some hands on experience with designing interfaces, as they are typically smaller apps with a tight focus. You can post your projects in the comments here and get some feedback from the community.

Download this Session's Cover Art as a Digital Wallpaper

Jump over to this session introduction to download this session's wallpapers made by Wojciech Pijecki.

More Creative Sessions

Creative Sessions logo.Every month we'll be running a two week Session on a creative topic. This Session is on Interface Design, and future Sessions will be on varied topics like, gaming design, and creative freelancing, and more. Unlike regular Tuts+ content, Sessions content is more theoretical, opinion based and will often cross many disciplines.

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