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Creating a Movie Magazine Cover Using InDesign


As a teaser for our Workshop, An Introduction to Adobe InDesign, that begins on Thursday, Martin shows you how he created an awesome movie magazine cover – in less than 4 minutes!

Watch closely as Martin Perhiniak, Adobe Design Master and Instructor, speeds through the process of creating an attention-grabbing movie magazine cover using InDesign. Read on to watch the video and sign up to the Workshop!

Creating a Movie Magazine Cover

InDesign is the best tool for designing for print and digital publishing. It is a very powerful application with lots of great features and this is your best chance to learn everything you need to know! Simply sign up for our online Workshop, An Introduction to Adobe InDesign.

Grab a Ticket!

Our new workshop An Introduction to Adobe InDesign begins in two days, act fast to grab a space, we won't be running them again any time soon!

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