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20 Cool Gaming Logos: Team + Video Games (Online Design Creator)

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Video games: They’re at the cutting edge of popular culture, and they seem to grow ever more popular. 

Your gaming team will benefit from cool gaming logos. It’s important to market your team and your efforts, but there’s no reason to go to a lot of trouble to do it. 

With video game logo designs from Placeit, you can craft unique branding in just a few clicks.

Unique Logo for gamingUnique Logo for gamingUnique Logo for gaming
Eye-popping gaming logos are easy to customize, thanks to Placeit.

Gaming logos include a few essential elements: cool fonts, stylish designs, and unforgettable icons. With the gaming team logo team ideas available on Placeit and Envato Elements, all you've got to do is drop in your own content. Styling and creativity are best left to the professionals. It’s truly a win-win for your gaming team.

Placeit is a creative resource that makes video game logo building a breeze. There are thousands of custom design templates to choose from. 

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20 Best Video Game & Gaming Team Logo Designs

Using Placeit to build your gaming logo is the easiest way to build an unforgettable brand image. With Placeit, you start with pre-built designs and customize them to your liking.

When you find one you like, simply add your own titles and designs right inside your web browser. Then click to download. No graphic design experience is needed, and you won’t need any fancy editing software. It’s truly a design platform for everyone's video game logo.

1. Logo Maker for Gaming Channel Avatar

This gaming logo maker is a great starting point for those looking to brand their team. The modern fonts deliver a winning spirit. Don’t forget to choose from the dozens of iconographic options to make your logo truly unique.

2. Dragon Gaming Logo Maker

Dragon Gaming Logo MakerDragon Gaming Logo MakerDragon Gaming Logo Maker

Fire-breathing dragons cannot be ignored. If you want this same style for your gaming team logo design, you’ve found the right template. With fiery graphics and bold colors, no one can ignore your team after you build out this logo.

3. Video Game Logo Maker

Video Game Logo MakerVideo Game Logo MakerVideo Game Logo Maker

Featuring retro gaming designs from years past, cool gaming logos truly do start here. With classic controllers and artsy bygone styling, this gaming logo is sure to capture your team’s mission. Select from a variety of background options to make it truly your own.

4. Twitch Logo Maker with Video Game Control Graphics

Twitch Logo Maker with Game ControllerTwitch Logo Maker with Game ControllerTwitch Logo Maker with Game Controller

With even more unique controller icons, this timeless design is the ideal jumpstart for cool gaming logos. Designed to promote gaming teams anywhere, you can use this design on shirts, hats, and social media channels alike. Its versatility makes it a valuable offering to take your team to the next level.

5. Gaming Logo - Fantasy Creatures

Gaming Logo Fantasy CreaturesGaming Logo Fantasy CreaturesGaming Logo Fantasy Creatures

Including icons with some of the most iconic creatures from the fantasy universe, this logo carries your new branding to the fantasy lands your team inhabits. Peruse dozens of fantasy creature logos, and then customize them with the optional color palettes and background options.

6. Warriors Gaming Logo Maker

Warriors Gaming Logo MakerWarriors Gaming Logo MakerWarriors Gaming Logo Maker

The essence of a warrior is victory at any cost. For a gaming team like yours, this same idea carries you to countless wins. Using this gaming logo creator, you can build a logo matching the concept in just seconds. It’s hard to beat if you’re trying to portray yourselves as ultimate winners.

7. Robot Gaming Logo Maker

Robot Gaming Logo MakerRobot Gaming Logo MakerRobot Gaming Logo Maker

Robots are the next big thing in tech, but they already belong in your logo. Thanks to this Placeit gaming team logo design, you can encompass the spirit of modern design in your next logo. Whichever otherworldly design you opt for, you can be sure your team logo will get a second glance.

8. Gaming Logo Maker with Chic Avatar

Gaming Logo Maker with Chic AvatarGaming Logo Maker with Chic AvatarGaming Logo Maker with Chic Avatar

Chic design is a popular branding element used in designs everywhere. Add it to your gaming team logo design now with this fun, quirky template. Featuring a plethora of bright color options and stunning backgrounds, it lifts your brand above the crowd in a flash.

9. Magician Gaming Logo Maker

Magician Gaming Logo MakerMagician Gaming Logo MakerMagician Gaming Logo Maker

Magicians are renowned for special powers and the ability to create something from nothing. Sound like the mission of your video game team? Then you’re in luck with this stylish template, featuring magical graphics and flashy text overlays. If you need to cast a spell over the competition, start right here.

10. Gaming Logo Maker for YouTube Gaming Streaming Channel

Gaming Logo Maker for YT StreamingGaming Logo Maker for YT StreamingGaming Logo Maker for YT Streaming

Many gaming teams like to focus their marketing on the YouTube community. With this gaming logo maker, such efforts become truly easy. Video content is the perfect way to promote your team to the masses. And with this YouTube-inspired template, you can beat your competition in a flash.

11. Gaming Channel Logo Maker with Cool Avatar

Gaming Channel Logo Maker with Cool AvatarGaming Channel Logo Maker with Cool AvatarGaming Channel Logo Maker with Cool Avatar

These cool avatars are excellent choices to promote your gaming team. Each icon option focuses on futuristic and fun style. The choice is really yours—which one to choose to elevate your marketing efforts while staying true to your gaming identity.

12. Gaming Live Stream Channel Avatar Logo Maker

Gaming LIve Stream Channel Avatar logo MakerGaming LIve Stream Channel Avatar logo MakerGaming LIve Stream Channel Avatar logo Maker

Beginning with aliens and extending to every type of fantasy creature, this gaming logo maker is ready to complement any kind of game your team enjoys. Whether you like advanced strategy or action-packed thrillers, you’ll find design elements here that fit your needs perfectly.

13. Shiva Gaming Logo Maker

Shiva Gaming Logo MakerShiva Gaming Logo MakerShiva Gaming Logo Maker

Try this gaming team logo maker if you need stylish design with a mysterious and magical effect. Your gaming team will benefit from designs that encompass the design elements of the world’s premiere brands. Just because you’re an online game team without a billion-dollar budget doesn’t mean you can’t have the best in marketing.

14. Gaming Logo Maker for a Twitch Avatar

Gaming Logo Maker for a Twitch AvatarGaming Logo Maker for a Twitch AvatarGaming Logo Maker for a Twitch Avatar

These anime-style avatars bring a human element to your gaming team logo. Your first step is to choose from the dozens of avatar options. And then you can unlock virtually unlimited creative options by selecting custom text, fonts, color palettes, accents, and more. For ultimate customization, this is the perfect starting point.

15. Gaming Channel Avatar Logo Maker with a Black Cat

Avatar with Black CatAvatar with Black CatAvatar with Black Cat

Black cats are said to be bad luck if they cross your path. Using them in your branding casts a charm on your competition by illuminating your unbeatable nature. This logo includes a visually stunning black cat icon, with fully customizable text and background overlays to bring in your own style.

16. Minimalistic Gaming Logo Maker for Twitch

Minimalistic Gaming Logo MakerMinimalistic Gaming Logo MakerMinimalistic Gaming Logo Maker

The idea of minimalist design is to capture the concept of “less is more.” Such is the case with this gaming team logo. Gone are fancy and flashy design elements. Instead, timeless styling is preserved without unnecessary distractions. Use this gaming logo template if you want the focus to stay on your name, not your fancy logos.

17. Logo Maker for Video Game Studios

Logo Maker for Video Game StudiosLogo Maker for Video Game StudiosLogo Maker for Video Game Studios

Teams like yours may want to build games of your own. Or perhaps you’re just searching for a perfectly versatile logo. Either way, it’s hard to beat this versatile gaming team logo design that helps you do both. Browse a wide variety of graphic and backgrounds to introduce your own style.

18. Logo Maker for Video Game Designers

Logo Maker for Video Game DesignersLogo Maker for Video Game DesignersLogo Maker for Video Game Designers

Although the title suggests it’s for game designers, this video game logo is also a great way to promote your gaming team to the world. It’s easy to use and yet versatile enough to meet any need quickly. With minimal graphics, this one especially benefits from custom fonts and text overlays to bring your team name to the forefront.

19. Sci-fi Game Channel Logo Maker

Sci-Fi Game Channel Logo MakerSci-Fi Game Channel Logo MakerSci-Fi Game Channel Logo Maker

Sci-fi has been a popular genre for decades, and this video game logo maker is the perfect way to capture it. It brings with it a unique style that’s difficult to replicate. But this logo for gaming teams does the difficult job perfectly. For a retro yet timeless branding style, no template does better.

20. Gaming Logo Creator with Hipster Avatar

Gaming Logo Creator with Hipster AvatarGaming Logo Creator with Hipster AvatarGaming Logo Creator with Hipster Avatar

Hipster design elements are an easy way to show off your gaming team’s modern style. And thanks to this custom Placeit template, they’ve never been easier to roll into your branding. Select custom accessories and primary logo designs to customize your brand style. And don’t forget to experiment with the variety of color placeholders to make things truly your own.

How to Make Your Own Video Game Logo Quickly

Placeit is the best option for quick and easy graphic design today. It features thousands of professional, custom design templates for video game logos. All you've got to do is choose one you like and then drop in your own content. 

Once your design is complete, simply click "Download", and your finished video game logo will be ready to use. Best of all, Placeit lives right inside your favorite web browser. You don’t need editing software, nor do you need knowledge and skills in graphic design. Truly, all you've got to do is fill in the blanks and then enjoy the amazing results.

1. Start With a Pre-Built Design

Let’s briefly explore how to build a custom cool gaming team logo design in Placeit. The first option is to select a custom template. As you can see, there are plenty of items to choose from.

Pre-built design on PlaceitPre-built design on PlaceitPre-built design on Placeit
Choose a starting design that's at least somewhat close to what you've got in mind, even if the colors and text don't match your final version.

When you enter your search term, Placeit will return a ton of amazing results. To preview one in more detail, simply click on the thumbnail image, and you’ll be taken to the template’s main screen.

2. Customize Text and Font Options

Once you’ve selected a video game logo template, you’ll be on the main editing screen. A preview of the finished logo will appear in the center of your screen. Around the sides will be a variety of editing options to customize the colors, icons, text, fonts, and more.

Customize text and font optionsCustomize text and font optionsCustomize text and font options
Open a logo template and tweak the text and font options to start customizing your logo to your own style.

First up, let’s customize the text and font options. These are accessible in the sidebars on the left side. To add text, simply type over the placeholders. Fonts can be changed with the drop-downs right below these placeholders. 

3. Customize the Color Scheme

Next up, you can change colors by clicking on the color chooser. Don’t forget to click on More if you want more options, including the ability to paste in a color hex code for an exact match.

Customize the Color SchemeCustomize the Color SchemeCustomize the Color Scheme
Adjust the colors to your own branding to really bring your logo to life.

Next up, let’s adjust the overall color palette. These selections live on the right side of the Placeit editing windows. Adjusting them is just like changing text colors. Clicking on the first dropdown will give you a variety of options, while choosing More gives you the ultimate flexibility.

Tweak the colorsTweak the colorsTweak the colors
Keep tweaking the colors to perfectly match your branding.

4. Change the Imagery

Finally, don’t forget to choose a custom icon. Each template on Placeit includes a variety of these, so it’s up to you to select one that works best for you.

Change the imageryChange the imageryChange the imagery
Choose one of the pre-built images to complete your logo customization.

Once you’re done, go ahead and click Download in the upper left corner of your screen. Placeit will download your finished design for future use.

Exercise Complete Creative Control With Envato Elements

As you can see, Placeit offers countless great options for video game team logos. But it isn’t the only option in the Envato universe. Envato Elements is a robust option for creatives that you should explore today.

Envato ElementsEnvato ElementsEnvato Elements
Templates that you'll grab from Envato Elements can be customized completely in apps like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

The options above highlight the gaming logo options available on Elements today. Elements has a deep catalog of templates, projects, fonts, photos, and more. To access it, you can join as a monthly member and unlock unlimited downloads of all the content. Elements is perfect if you need to examine a variety of options before choosing one that’s just right for you.

Elements templates aren’t built online, but rather in editing software platforms like Photoshop and After Effects. This is ideal if you need to have greater control and flexibility over your finished designs. Whether you choose Elements or Placeit, Envato ensures the ultimate in quality and ease of use for your next project. With these options out there, there’s no need to build finished gaming team logos on your own.

More Cool Gaming Logos (Envato Elements)

Here are more great video game logos from Envato Elements.

1. Gamer Logo Template

Gamer Logo TemplateGamer Logo TemplateGamer Logo Template

This simple but highly customizable game logo design template is perfect for most video game teams and other video game logo needs. Edit it using Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

2. Video Game - Logo Template

Video Game - Logo TemplateVideo Game - Logo TemplateVideo Game - Logo Template

There are three color variations available for this game logo design template. It's also based on a free font for ease of use. Use this to create the perfect video game or video gamer team log.

3. Game Bot Logo

Game Bot LogoGame Bot LogoGame Bot Logo

This fully editable logo template is the perfect way to create your gaming team logo. Just download the template and customize it in Adobe Illustrator.

Choose a Cool Gaming Logo Today

You’ve seen how critical it is to build a dynamic logo for your video gaming team. The gaming ecosystem is crowded, and to stand out you've got to have both skills and style. 

Luckily, Placeit and Envato Elements make it easy by offering custom templates to support your efforts. Gone are the days when you needed to be a graphic designer to build amazing finished products. Now you can do it in just a few clicks thanks to these tools. Whichever one you choose, stunning designs await!

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