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Complete Guide to What's New in Adobe Photoshop 14.1

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With the Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe has promised to deliver speedy updates and frequent new features to our favorite apps. With Photoshop, Adobe has already made good on that promise with the addition of several new features. With the release of Photoshop 14.1, Creative Cloud customers will now have access to several new features, and updates to help streamline and improve their workflow. The biggest of these new updates has to do with Generator and Adobe Edge Reflow. In this article, we will explain both of these features, as well as all the other improvements in detail. Let's take a look!

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1. Saving Image Assets With Generator in Photoshop

Generator is a brand new technology in Photoshop CC version 14.1 that will help you export images from Photoshop documents for different devices. It is great for processing web design mockups created in Photoshop and generating all the assets you need from them. Essentially, you have to add file extensions to your layer names to generate image assets.

The process of saving and exporting these files is handled automatically by Generator; any change to the layers will be automatically reflected by their respective assets. Once Generator is enabled, the assets folder should always be in sync with the parent file. If the assets folder or the parent file is moved, Generator will create a new Assets Folder.

How to Name Your Layers

Setting up your files with generator is easy. By adding a file format suffix (.png, .jpg, .gif) to the layer name, Generator will automatically export that layer in the specified format. Other tags can specify size and quality. If you want more than one version of a given layer, you can generate multiple asset files from one layer by adding a second file name to the layer name. For example:

  • Naming: "too1.jpg, tool2.gif."
  • File formats: png8, png24, png32, jpg, gif.
  • Compression: jpg1-10.
  • Percentage-Based Scaling: 50%.
  • Dimension-Based Scaling (defaults to pixels, other units include px, in, cm, mm): 100x100 px.
  • Commas create multiple files from a single group/layer. Each tag must be properly formatted with a valid file extension.

2. Exporting to Adobe Edge Reflow With Generator in Photoshop 14.1

Edge Reflow CC now connects directly to Photoshop CC. It allows you to seamlessly import assets, content and shapes directly onto Reflow's surface, creating a starting point for your responsive designs. With the intuitive workflow you can quickly create a web design project from several PSD files turned into pages of your site. Thanks to the Adobe Typekit your text will stay editable even in Adobe Edge Reflow using web fonts. Everything is generated automatically in the background including the HTML and CSS files so you can just focus on creating a seamless responsive web site by defining the layout for all the screen sizes.

3. Color Range Improvements in Photoshop 14.1

There are some useful improvements to the Color Range feature in Photoshop 14.1, specifically to Highlights, Midtones, and Shadows selections. Now, instead of a "hard-coded" range of values, the exact range of tones and the partial selection of surrounding tones can be controlled in a manner similar to Color Range's sampled pixel method.

  • Inside the Color Range dialog, use the Select pop-up menu to choose Highlights, Midtones or Shadows.
  • Use Range to select the threshold value (Example: 245 means all values 245 and up are selected).
  • Use Fuzziness to gradually fan out the selection to outside values (uses a partial selection gradient for smoothness).
  • Hold Alt + Shift and click Reset to revert back to legacy default values.
  • For Midtones, select two threshold values, specifying a range between the black and white sliders.
  • Shadows works just like Highlights, except the Range selects values BELOW the chosen threshold. (Example: 20 selects all values 20 and lower.)

4. Additional Improvements in Photoshop 14.1

  1. Increased stability when saving files to network locations
  2. Enabled Share on Behance for more languages
  3. Color Range improvement: new controls to modify the range and fuzziness for Shadows, Highlights and Midtones
  4. Native PSDX support (read-only)
  5. Support Retina preview of Camera Shake Reduction (Mac only)
  6. Improved performance of Camera Shake Reduction on large screens and Retina display
  7. Allow disabling artifact suppression in Camera Shake Reduction
  8. Improved performance and stability of Content-Aware technologies
  9. Added 32-bit image support for 24 filters
  10. Improved GPU detection and disabling to prevent crashes
  11. Increase limit on number of measurements from 700 to 10,000
  12. New option to select All Layers/Active Layers for Path and Direct Selection tools
  13. Double-click to enter Isolation Mode is inactive when in Active Layers mode
  14. Allow custom keyboard shortcuts for entering/exiting Isolation mode
  15. Exiting Isolation mode now resets the Layer Filter to default values instead of turning filtering off
  16. Path point selection is no longer retained when switching between layers
  17. Added option to Properties panel flyout to control showing the panel on shape layer creation
  18. Improved anchor point selection: clicking on the selected anchor points will select that point and deselect others
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