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Today I am excited to bring you Totem 4! This very special totem is made entirely made from Vectortuts Flickr Group submissions! This is the last Totem in the series, but it doesn't mean the end of the Vectortuts+ Community Projects! Find out more at the jump.

Vectortuts+ Totem, Collection 4

This totem is made from a selection of the excellent illustrations that have been created and uploaded to the Vectortuts Flickr Group! This is the fourth and final collection in the series. I would like to thank everyone who submitted totem pieces, it has been fantastic to see what people have come up with. If you would like to participate in future Vectortuts+ community projects, be sure to follow our new twitter group - @envatovectors or become a fan of Vectortuts+ on facebook for further details.

    Artist Profiles

  • Totem Gang : Rian Setiawan

    "I am voltta / Rian Setiawan, a tee designer from Indonesia."

    Folio Link

  • Apple : Ssen!

    "I'm an illustrator from Korea. This is my first participation to community project!"

    Folio Link

  • Skellingtotem : Johns2010

    "Done as an exercise in Illustrator CS2 this was somewhat influenced by Native American imagery, but not that much :-)
    I am a big fan of vector art but also of natural media - both digital and old-school."

    Folio Link

  • Christmas Wiggle : DieRübe

    "I am a digital media designer from Germany. I have followed the Totem Community project with interest. Nice one! So i wasted some time to make a totem of my own.

    I don't know what it is…maybe a kind of christmas forest on a foreign planet."

    Folio Link

  • Espectro : El Trapo

    "Every totem needs a specter"

    Folio Link

  • Basilisk : Draw-Up

    "I am Raphael Motta, a self-taught illustrator from Brazil, I love make both digital and traditional artworks, and everyday I try too improve my art, trying to fit my style in both media"

    Folio Link

  • Sad Frankenstein : Doink

    "My name is Doink, graphic designer and blog editor for I currently reside in Bucharest, Romania."

    Folio Link

  • Damn Bird : SEBASEBS

    "I am a Development Tester in the US. I have been messing around with vectors in my off time for the past 5 years. I tend to to bold character with simple shapes and interesting lines."

    Folio Link

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This may be the last of the Totem Series, but we will have more exciting projects to participate in during 2011. In the meantime you can join the Vectortuts+ Flickr Group to share your artworks and join the conversations on our message board.

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