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Community Project: Your First Creations—Part One

Last month we asked you to take us on your own personal art journey. Today we bring you part one of the results for our Tuts+ Past and Present Community Project.

Community Project: Your First Creations

What was your first digital art creation? Do you still have it? Well, we want to see it! There's a lot that you can learn from looking through your old work. And more importantly, taking the time to step back and appreciate your own journey is a fundamental part in becoming a better artist.

Deadline Extended to January 27th, 2015

We're still accepting entries! To give you some more time rummaging through your old pieces, we've decided to extend the deadline. We would love to get to know more about your journey, so submit your comparisons to get featured in January! And if you don't have you very first piece, no worries, anything from your past work is more than welcome for this showcase.

Here's a Look at Your First Creations!

Take a look at the past and present comparisons from these five incredibly talented readers. Learn more about their journey, and show them some love in the comment section!

Alan Rodrigues

Art by Alan RodriguesArt by Alan RodriguesArt by Alan Rodrigues

I'm a self-taught artist. I'm not from the U.S. but my dream is to become skilled enough to work in a studio related to art, painting, concept art, or even gaming. I know I have much to learn but I am confident that, given the chance, I would succeed. I'm a lawyer here and as such I still struggle just to survive, so that's why I'm not practicing much. I can only do one or maybe three works a year. I'm trying to change that, so I can do more and more art, but it's hard.
Follow Alan Rodrigues: DeviantArt

Carlyn Clark

Art by Carlyn ClarkArt by Carlyn ClarkArt by Carlyn Clark

After years as a visual artist and Photoshop user I wanted to learn Illustrator so that I could create repeating patterns for use on textiles and decorative objects. Thanks to Tuts+, and a few thousand hours of experimentation, I'm completely self-taught in Illustrator.
Follow Carlyn Clark: Website

Kleressia Perry

Art by Kleressia PerryArt by Kleressia PerryArt by Kleressia Perry

The first is a portrait of a friend—technically it was not my first portrait in Illustrator, it was just the first artwork that wasn't school work or doodles. I'm particularly proud of how my faces look now, thanks to a portrait tutorial on here.

Matt Bowring

Art by Matt BowringArt by Matt BowringArt by Matt Bowring

My name is Matt Bowring. My first vector image was created in September 2011 and my most recent completed work was in November 2014. I definitely feel like there has been a lot of progress in three years. I love doing vector portraits, especially of famous sports stars. I also use vector to create tons of teaching materials as I am an ESL teacher in the north of Thailand.
Follow Matt Bowring: DeviantArt

Nik Love-Gittins

Art by Nik Love-GittinsArt by Nik Love-GittinsArt by Nik Love-Gittins

I started dabbling in digital painting a few years back. I've worked as a game artist since '92, so there is definitely a lot of difference between my first and latest work here.
Follow Nik Love-Gittins: Behance

Hey, Where's My Entry?

Don't worry! This is only a small peek at our showcase, so be sure to get your submissions in for our second part in January! Hoping everyone has a fun and safe holiday! 

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