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Community Project: Vectortuts+ Snow Globe Showdown, Round 2

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Read Time: 5 mins

Vectortuts+ loves Illustration and discovering new talent, so today we are proud to be showcasing Round 2 of the Vectortuts+Snow Globe Showdown. If you missed out this time, don't worry, there's still time to part of it! Find out how to get involved, at the jump.

Snow Globe Showcase, Round 2

We have selected designs from our Facebook Fan Pictures to showcase in Round 2 of the Snow Globe Showdown, thank you to everyone who contributed artwork, the images are amazing. We have had so many great designs added to our Facebook Group, and encourage you to check it out here.

The designs are posted in no particular order, but we thought it would be fun to kick things off with Mokshu, I don't know how those little monsters will get out of there!. Great work everyone, it's been fun to see what you've come up with. This is one of our best rounds yet!

Because of the fantastic response this week, submissions are open for one more week!. Get your entries in before Sunday 2nd of October 2011 for a chance to be in the final showcase! More information on how to participate is at the end of this post.

"Why this Snow Globe? Just for the fun, and because I am a little insane ^^. I included my Lapantoufle, and customized this globe."

Rafal Dabrowski
"My name is Rafal, I am not a profi, but very keen on vectors. Therefore I wanted to share with you my "Snow Globe". It was supposed to be a kind of joke. The idea behind this graphic was: "The world is not enough!". Sometimes I feel like that. Probably everybody does. So take a look, and have fun! It was done in Inkscape."

Maggie Harrah
"Lately, I've been playing a lot of Candyland with a certain six-year-old. I don't mind letting her win, because I believe that stacking the deck so you get Queen Frostine on your first try EVERY time is a rite of passage for six-year-olds. And, sometimes, she'll make sure I get Princess Lolly : )

Adrian Jedynak
"I made this lazy little angel just for fun, i hope you like it ;)"

Radoslaw Rzepecki

Jerry Hernandez
"Well my name is Jerry Hernandez I am a graphic design student.This little guy is called Haplo :) and we just caught him on his daily walk."

Angela Doescher

Phillip Meagher
"Hello my name is Philip Meagher and I am a Graphic Designer in Ireland, This is Robert. Hes French! :D I guess this will count as an online portfolio xD "

Illustrator Georgie Retzer
"Hi im Illustrator Georgie Retzer and like to play in Adobe Illustrator with kinda Steampunked Things."

Andrei Verner
"Hey all! My name is Andrei Verner. I'm a psychedelic artist and designer. This globe presents the current state of my consciousness with a small "Are you dreaming?" reminder for all lucid dreamers. I run a psychedelic art and design blog, so you can check it out ;) andreiverner.com Cheers!"

Inga Eicaite

"Hey, thought you would be interested in my sister's work. She had just finished the college of technology and design in Vilnius, starting her way as a freelancer designer, searching for her own style...
You can find her gallery here: flickr.com/photos/zoori_i Please check Inga out! "

Rajeev Balendra
"I am a graduate designer who is still learning. Trapped can mean a lot of things - in life/career/relationships/finance etc Well here you go my style of the snow globe :) "

Willem Dijkman
"Here is my version of the snowball, I loved to make this.
I am a graffic designer in Amsterdam, look at my website www.studiodijkman.com "

Gustavo Delgadillo
"Hola! I wanted to vector this today just for fun and at the same time saw an opportunity to display it here!"

Xd Xj
"Vector art is fun! Check out my drawings"

Katherine Shields
"This in my Christmas Tree Farm Globe. I adapted it from a large piece of mine. My website is katherineshieldsdesigns.com and I have a Facebook page here"

Create A Biographical Snow Globe

This project aims to spark your imagination and showcase the work of our extremely talented community. All you need to do for this project is download the design template and customize the Vectortuts+ Snow globe in any style and theme that represents your life and personality. Add your work to the Vectortuts+ Facebook Group and show us what your life looks like in Snow globe form. We will showcase a selection of the entries on our blog.

We can't wait to see what you come up with!

How to Get Involved!

Would you like to participate in the Vectortuts+ Snow Globe Showdown? It's easy, all you need to do is Download the Template, join the Vectortuts+ Facebook Group and get creative!

Vector Tuts+ Globe with Vector Freebie Pack by Anastasiia Kucherenko

How to Make a Vectortuts+ Snow Globe:

  1. Download the Design Template
  2. Draw your image onto the template, you can be as creative as you like, feel free to alter any or all of the illustration. We want to see creative and fun projects so go crazy!
  3. Upload your design to the Vectortuts+ Facebook Group with a short description of the design and what kind of character it is.


  • Artwork can be any style or theme as long as it's vector and 100% your own work.
  • You don't have to spend hours and hours on your piece, the project's aim is to be fun, fast and individual.
  • You may submit more than one design
  • When you publish your work on Facebook, please include one or two paragraphs about yourself and/or your work and a link to your website / online portfolio.
  • Have Fun!
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