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Community Project: Vector Wire Frames Showcase

Last month we kicked off the Wire Frames Community Project, in which readers from across the globe showed us a little insight into their vector process. 

Community Project: Vector Wire Frames Showcase

Today we bring you the results of this project, with diverse entries ranging from the simple to the beautifully complicated. 

So, what's a vector wire frame you ask? A vector wire frame is the special outline mode in Adobe Illustrator that allows you to see an alternative version of your current work in progress. For more about this mode, check out this great in-depth article Get Under the Hood with Vector Wire Frames by Tuts+ author, Mary Winkler.

Vector Wire Frames Created by You!

Enjoy these incredible wire frames presented by our readers. Show them some love in the comments section and let us know if these helped you understand a little bit more about vector art!

Candice McCown

Candice McCown Vector Art
Candice McCown Vector Wire Frame

I'm a Senior Graphic Designer here in the U.S. and a passionate oil painter. Most of my vector work is done at work or in my spare time. I am entirely self-taught from a lot of the wonderful tutorials here on Tuts+ over the past couple of years. I am attaching my Christmas card that I made for 2014, which features my watchdog in the window spotting Santa. Believe me she is part-human part-cat with a touch of dog.
Follow Candice McCown: Website | Dribble

Andrej Kaprinay

Andrej Kaprinay Vector Art
Andrej Kaprinay Vector Wire Frame

I am a Graphic Designer in Slovakia. In my free time I make vectors for a stock photography agency.
Follow Andrej Kaprinay: Behance

Sarah Carrier

Sarah Carrier Vector Art
Sarah Carrier Vector Wire Frame

I am a Digital Media Designer for a media production company in the U.S. I enjoy vector illustrations, and zentangle drawing. This is a vector illustration I did when Wrigleyville was in my backyard and I had crazy dreams about the pets I owned. So sad that I have not yet owned a pony or a lemur, but at least I had Chicago-style deep dish pizza to comfort me.
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Oleg Levashov

Oleg Levashov Vector Art
Oleg Levashov Vector Wire Frame
Oleg Levashov Vector Art
Oleg Levashov Vector Wire Frame

I work as a usability engineer and UI-UX Designer. In my free time I make vector artwork for fun and for my friends. I like illustration, comic art, and ink and pen graphics. I absolutely adore Adobe Illustrator and vector graphics! I work with Adobe Illustrator CS5 and a Wacom Intous 4s tablet.
Follow Oleg Levashov: Behance | Twitter

Julia Feroglio

Julia Feroglio Vector Art
Julia Feroglio Vector Wire Frame

I'm a graphic designer and self-taught vector artist from Argentina. I've been working on semi-realistic vector portraits since 2009. I love Illustrator and the infinite possibilities of vector. This is one of my latest works from this year.
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Peter Kaalund

Peter Kaalund Vector Art
Peter Kaalund Vector Wire Frame

This is an older project of mine, an M1A2 Abrams tank. I wanted to make a timeline of famous tanks. The textures and effects are done in post, which cleans up the wire frame a bit.

Sarah Berntsson

Sarah Berntsson Vector Art
Sarah Berntsson Vector Wire Frame

I live in Sweden, where I work as a freelance illustrator. I mostly make vector stuff for kids and young adults. I recently made a new vector version of a 10-year-old drawing as a challenge to see how far I've gotten with my art. Nice to see everyone's work and get a glimpse into their process!
Follow Sarah Berntsson: Website

Justin Cubbage

Justin Cubbage Vector Art
Justin Cubbage Vector Wire Frame

This project is a typography piece. It is for a larger infographic that I am completing mostly in Photoshop. I don't have a website yet, so I mostly create graphics as a stress release.

Duc Pham

Duc Pham Vector Art
Duc Pham Vector Wire Frame

I'm a graphic designer for a media production company in Vietnam and also freelance as a designer and photographer.
Follow Duc Pham: Tumblr

Chris Murphy

Chris Murphy Vector Art
Chris Murphy Vector Wire Frame

I live in Kansas City and I enjoy creating illustrations of local landmarks. Here is one of my illustrations.
Follow Chris Murphy: Website | Flickr

Vincent Morretino

Vincent Morretino Vector Art
Vincent Morretino Vector Wire Frame

I am the graphic designer and photographer for the largest non-profit legal association in the state of Indiana. Most of the design work I do is law related, and nothing warrants showing here. But I love vector artwork, and have uploaded the most complex piece I have ever made. Although I am very proficient with design software like Illustrator and InDesign, I'm more passionate about photography.
Follow Vincent Morretino: Website

Ian Yates

Ian Yates Vector Art
Ian Yates Vector Wire Frame

The last work I did in Illustrator was an icon set. Predictably, the outline view looks very much the same as the preview because each icon's paths needed to be simplified and cleaned up as much as possible in order to save as a web font. Not the most exciting submission, but it makes a point! Feel free to download the full set.

Leonardo Isidro

Leonardo Isidro Vector Art
Leonardo Isidro Vector Wire Frame

My alias as a designer is "Byme". I am 21 years old. I'm from Mexico, in a small place located in the town of Tabasco, called Paraiso. I like vectors, 3D, photography and animation, and I am still learning more. The image I uploaded is a tribute to the Android OS.
Follow Leonardo Isidro: Behance

James Poole

James Poole Vector Art
James Poole Vector Wire Frame

I'm a student finishing my second year for a diploma in Arts & Media (Graphic Design) at Aoraki Polytechnic in New Zealand. This design is for one of my assignments. It's the box art for a board game my father-in-law created. He made it from scratch using bits of wood and matchsticks, so I'm giving it a makeover. As for outline view, I mainly use it to ensure my edges line up. I prefer clean lines in my artwork, and will avoid using a stroke if I can help it. My new catchphrase is, "you should only be stroking your hair—not your designs."
Follow James Poole: Facebook

Ioan Decean

Ioan Decean Vector Art
Ioan Decean Vector Wire Frame

I make free vectors and Photoshop files for my website Pixorama. For vector characters I usually start by making sketches in Photoshop. I import those sketches into Illustrator, making line art first using the pen tool, then adding colors, shadows and highlights.
Follow Ioan Decean: Website

Stay Tuned for More Community Projects!

Thank you to everyone who submitted to this Vector Community Project! Stick around for more projects where we invite you to take on new and exciting challenges!

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