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Community Project: Customized Name Tag, Round 2

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Vectortuts+ loves Illustration and discovering new talent, so today we are proud to be showcasing Round 2 of the Vectortuts+ Customized Name Tag Project. Check it out at the jump.

Customized Name Tag Project, Round 2

We have selected designs from our Facebook Fan Pictures to showcase in Round 2 of the Vectortuts+ Customized Name Tag Project, thank you to everyone who contributed artwork, the images are amazing. We have had so many great designs added to our Facebook Group, and encourage you to check it out here.

The designs are posted in no particular order, but we thought it would be fun to kick things off with a cute water monster. Great work everyone, it’s been fun to see what you've come up with. Thankyou to everyone who participated, the different name tags show just how imaginative you all are, great work!

Manuel Alejandro
"Hello, my name is Manuel Alejandro, I'm big fan and of illustration and I love simple and fun drawings! Check it! fb.com/malejovergara"

Rori Johnson Rivas

"Hello my name's Rori and I am a graphic designer in Cebu City, Philippines. I love illustrating cute and colorful characters. please visit my site: wix.com/roripuff/roripuff"

Mary Olson

"Hello! Here's a quick vector name tag. See more of my work at doubleplusphoto.wordpress.com. Thanks for all of the great tuts!"

Esteban Ramirez

"What good? This is my sweet name tag design. This was a pretty cool idea to design on this and do something creative. I know I'll be using this again very soon, the ideas are brewing. check out my site at ramirezdesignz.com"

Paul Hilliard
"Cranked out a quick sketch with a tablet using the pencil tool. I'm here and there: Paul Hilliard - Artist, Sculptor"

Manzur Ghozaali
"Hello, my name is manzur ghozaali. illustrator based in Indonesia. check out my work on ghozai.deviantart.com thank you :)"

Giselle Rosa
"Hello! I am a young Brazilian illustrator in search of my own style. See more at cargocollective.com/xlrosa ;)"

Andee Andunx
"Hi, my name is Andee, and I'm a big fan of vector. Thanks to VectorTuts for inspiring me with good tutorial and images! Visit my blog - lemparsenyum.wordpress.com (I'm still trying to build this blog to have a good look..) :)"

"Hi, I'm BDinara. Cartoon style lover, see more on bdinara.deviantart.com Thanx"

Stacey Dougal
"Raar! First time getting involved with this kinda thing but here's my name tag: inspired by my love for all things purple and monsters ! I'm a final year student studying web and multimedia design, you can check out my portfolio at www.staceydougal.co.uk."

Samez Michail
"Hi there! There is my Name Tag, hope you like it. check out more of my works here flickr.com/samezzz"

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