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Community Project: Custom Skateboard Jam, Round 2

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Vectortuts+ loves Illustration and discovering new talent, so today we are proud to be showcasing Round 2 of the Custom Skateboard Jam. The best thing is, you can be a part of it! Find out how to get involved, at the jump.

Create Your Own Skateboard Design, Round 2

The designs are posted in no particular order, but we thought we would kick things off with fantastic skull design that took the template to another level. Great work everyone, it's been fun to see what you've come up with.

Submissions are open for one more week! Get your entries in before Monday 19th of March 2012 for a chance to be in the final showcase!

Georgie Retzer
"Hi there. I am Georgie from Austria. See more of my Works at illustratorg.deviantart.com. Hope you like it."

Piotr Bajbak

Victor Larranaga

David Turner
"I am a freelance graphic designer aka vector wizard. I design just about anything from logo's to apparel. Thanks for taking the time to check out my work!"

Nicholas Anglin
"My name is Nicholas Anglin I'm a graphic designer,illustrator video editor,photographer. Basically anything that has to do with art I can do it. The idea for this deck came from a project I'm currently working on, called StruckXGold - SXG. My style is heavily influenced by Pop art and 80's urban art.

Hope you like!
You can follow my tumblrs : anglei.tumblr.com sxgclothing.tumblr.com Please like my Facebook page"

Kenneth McLarney

"I'm Kenneth and this is my more abstract skateboard design. I like logo and t-shirt design, and motion graphics. I don't have a portfolio but the majority of what I do is on youtube.com/gamechallenged"

Jan Segtrop
"Yeah. This is my entry for the skateboard jam. Enjoy"

Laurent Abeskaos
"Hello! I'm lurch from France and I love vectors!
Hope you will enjoy it!"


"Hi, my name is Manie...

I do graphics for promotional companies. Here's my design... simple, yet effective! Lime green, Black and White... My favorite colours to match together!!

Awesome designs up on the wall, keep it up!
Thanks \m/"

Balthasar Heesters
I'm an immunology researcher and to present and visualize my ideas I often use Illustrator. In my free time I like to do all kind of board sports and this was the perfect opportunity to combine work and pleasure.

This illustration shows how a resting dendritic cell (left) gets activated (middle) when it encounters danger signals (gradient) from invading bacteria (right).

Ashley Woodrum
"Hello, fellow creative minds! This is my first (ever) contest entry. I suppose you could say this guy is the "keeper of time and secrets". I actually prefer to make my own ideas come to life through illustration, rather than design logos/flyers/etc, even though my full-time job is actually being a graphic designer. My style is creating surreal and emotional characters with the use of exaggerated expressions/features, simple shapes/patterns, flowing lines, and bright color palettes. Using Vectortuts+ has really helped me improve my skills and I can continue to reference the tutorials to help me learn and grow even more. Thank you so much for checking out my design and please, feel free to check out some of my other creations: ashleywoodrum.carbonmade.com"

Joe St Onge
"My 4th Illustrator attempt. It was great fun to do, and of course , all the great tutorials on Vectortuts helped make it possible!"

"My Project to the Custom Skateboard Jam! Check out my work! lebdesign.it"

How to Get Involved!

Would you like to participate in the Vectortuts+ Custom Skateboard Jam? It's easy, all you need to do is Download the Template, join the Vectortuts+ Facebook Group and get creative!

All you need to do for this project is download the design template and customize the horizontal or vertical skateboard in any way you like. Be as experimental as you like, this is your ideal skateboard design. Add your work to the Vectortuts+ Facebook Group and share your creation. We will showcase a selection of the entries on our blog.

Template before and after, artwork by Sean Kelly

How to Make a Vectortuts+ Skateboard Design:

  1. Download the Design Template
  2. Draw your image onto the template, you can be as creative as you like, feel free to alter any or all of the illustration. We want to see creative and fun projects so go crazy!
  3. Upload (or tag) your design to the Vectortuts+ Facebook Group with a short description of your style or theme.


  • Artwork can be any style or theme as long as it's vector and 100% your own work.
  • You don't have to spend hours and hours on your piece, the project's aim is to be fun, fast and individual.
  • You may submit more than one design
  • When you publish your work on Facebook, please include one or two paragraphs about yourself and/or your work and a link to your website / online portfolio.
  • Have Fun!
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