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Community Features Now Working!


Hello again! I have a few more updates since yesterday's redesign. Most importantly, the two new community features - links and images - are now working...

Flickr Group - 28 Members Already!

As you know from yesterday, we've now got a Psdtuts+ Flickr Group where you can post up your images and comment on each other's work. Also images assigned to the group appear in the right-hand sidebar (which I now have working) so you can show off to regular readers too. It also turns out there's a little message board on the group, so you can also chat with other group members.

User Link Feed Now Online

I've hacked together a little community link feed which you'll see in the sidebar. Anyone is free to submit links,but they will be moderated. The type of links you should be submitting are resources, tutorials, and inspiration. There's an RSS feed for people to subscribe to if they like, and of course the links appear in the sidebar for readers to visit.

If you notice any bugs with the link feed, do let me know. I hacked it out of a comment thread for an invisible Wordpress post, and it's something I've never done before. It seems to be working OK though so yay!

And a few more updates have been made to the site

Thank-you to everyone for the feedback on the site. As I've learned redesigning a few major sites lately, there are always a lot of voices in favor and against any new design. I'm just glad everyone was so nice even if they preferred the old look. Recently, I redesigned another famous site and although it was mostly positive, some people got a bit nasty which was sad. So "go" Psdtuts+ community!

Anyhow, I've brought the spoon back in the header, as it turns out that was a rather popular little slogan. I've also fixed the comment box, darkened the page text, added separators, re-kerned the logo, fixed the 1024 issue, moved trackbacks below comments and tightened up a few other bits. One recurring piece of feedback was that the new design has less personality. I'll have a think about how we can address that, and hopefully you'll see a few more changes in the coming weeks.

OK, that's all about the redesign, back to tutorials!

Oh, one more thing ...

One more thing, I just looked at the subscriber count for the site and it's up past SEVEN THOUSAND! Hooray, the site is growing in leaps and bounds. You may be interested to know that a couple of months ago (before I moved the site to Wordpress), I was actually about to sell it on Sitepoint. I even started writing the listing out and while writing it I remember thinking "hey this is actually a pretty cool site", so instead I turned it into a blog and ever since the growth has been stellar. Thank you to everyone who's subscribed, read, commented and visited Psdtuts+! I sure am glad we didn't sell it!

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