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Comment to Win a Free Adobe Illustrator Book from Vectortuts+

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Vectortuts+ has quickly established itself as one of the premier resources for vector design and illustration tutorials. One year ago, this website didn't exist. Today, we have over 18,000 subscribers - which is no small feat! To show our appreciation, I have some freebies to mail out this week! Learn more at the jump!


The contest has concluded. Thanks to everyone that entered. The winners are shown below and their books are in the mail. Congratulations!

  • Andrew Potter
    • Location: South Africa
    • Twitter: trustclarity
    • Book: Adobe Illustrator CS4 Classroom in a Book
  • Kate Payton
    • Location: Australia
    • Twitter: katepayton
    • Book: Real World Adobe Illustrator CS4
  • Joe Dearman
    • Location: United States
    • Twitter: joedearman
    • Book: Real World Adobe Illustrator CS4

What Must I Do?

To enter into the drawing, all you need to do is follow us on Twitter, if you aren't already! Next, leave a comment containing your username for verification purposes. I'll then randomly select a few people from this list and email you! It's as simple as that. I'll be selecting three random winners in the next 48 hours! I'll update this post with the winners early next week. Have fun!

Up for Grabs!

We have three awesome books on Adobe Illustrator CS4 up for grabs. Leave your comment with your Twitter username to have a chance at winning. Good luck to everybody!

Exploring Adobe Illustrator CS4

Adobe Illustrator CS4 Classroom in a Book


Real World Adobe Illustrator CS4


Big Thanks to All the Readers!

I'm glad so many people enjoy Vectortuts+ and we'll continue to make it a great source for vector education. Subscribe to the Vectortuts+ RSS Feed to stay up to date with the latest vector tutorials and articles.

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