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Comment to Win - A Book on the Evolution of Character Design

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We've got another giveaway for our readership, and again we're rewarding one random commenter with an awesome book, this one shows the evolution of character design. This book showcases numerous styles of inspirational character designs. Read more to find out just how easy it is to participate!


The winner is : Jared Thompson of designjuices.co.uk.

Thanks to all that entered!

How to Enter

To be eligible to win, all you need to do is leave a comment. Make sure to include your correct email address with your comment so that we can contact you. This giveaway is open worldwide, but make sure to get your comment in before midnight this Wednesday, February 10th, 2010, Eastern Standard Time. We'll be announcing the winner next week.

Please note: Envato staff and people who have written more than two tutorials/articles for a Tuts+ site are not eligible to enter.

The Prize

"Box: The Evolution of Character Design (Hardcover), by Wang Shooqiang.


Box collects various exciting cutting edge elements of the graphic world of character toy and print design by presenting work from 71 artists in different fields around the globe in an impressive compendium of innovation eye candy and inspiration. Although from disparate backgrounds all the work shares a prominent largely figurative style and impressive visual impact and appeal. Divided into seven chapters representing comics graffiti hand-drawn illustration ingenious product computer graphics short film and miscellaneous illustration each chapter explores where graphic designers find inspiration where their visions merge and what they can learn from each other. With 14 interviews with the artists describing their style philosophy and approach to their craft. Packaged as a design object box comes in a yellow zippered and embossed clamshell box.


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