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Colorful, Psychedelic-Style Digital Artwork

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Read Time: 6 mins

Psychedelic art (as you may have guessed) is a type of artwork inspired by psychedelic experiences that are brought on as a side-effect by various drugs and substances known as hallucinations. The art movement began in the 1960's (known as the "hippy years") where sex, drugs and rock and roll played a huge role in the culture, and before long this artistic style was being used in concert posters, album art covers, comic books and newspapers. One particular style of psychedelic artwork was inspired by the hallucinations experienced by a drug called LSD, which was known for its kaleidoscopic patterns, similar to those the younger generation experienced with the popular kaleidoscope toy.

As life moves on everything is becoming digital, and over the years digital psychedelic art, although not in vogue, has been slowly increasing in popularity. Bright colors and fractal patterns are fairly easy to produce on a computer, so it only makes sense that psychedelic art is being produced digitally. This showcase presents thirty unique, interesting and out-of-the-ordinary colorful and psychedelic inspired artworks. What's your favorite, and do you think digital psychedelic art is the way to go, or will it never be quite the same as those produced with traditional media? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of the post!

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams combines doodle style drawings with bright colors, repetitive patterns and photographic textures and stock images to produce an interesting and modern psychedelic style photo manipulation.


Symmetry uses three-dimensional shapes and simple fractal backgrounds in the background of the piece merged with some strong colors and textured images to create a unique piece. The typography is cleverly mirrored; although back to front, it is extremely easy to read.

Line Emotions

Line Emotions is an incredibly simple piece: an black on white illustration brought to life by some vivid watercolor textures.

Black Hole Sun

Black Hole Sun is a t-shirt design (click through link to see t-shirt). It combines clean-cut shapes, splashes, bright colors and subtle textures to create a very visually appealing piece that can have us mesmerised in seconds.

Color Pleasure Machine

Color Pleasure Machine has a very dramatic feel to it, created by the use of glaring, bright light effects and three-dimensional shapes.

Head Explosion

Head Explosion is another piece whose primary shapes are simply black lines on a white background. This piece, however, is brought to life using cleaner and smoother colored shapes rather than the strong textured images that were using in Line Emotions. A subtle texture in the background is also used, bringing out the best of the colors used in the main illustration.


Desire is a very engrossing piece, making use of a handful of styles, from lighting effects, blurs, and both two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes.


This piece is probably the piece that comes closest to traditional psychedelic art in this showcase, combining a bunch of bright and vivid colors that you normally wouldn’t dream of putting together in such a way.


This psychedelic vector piece of artwork uses quite a minimal color palette but manages to pull of the psychedelic look very well, using certain colors for shadows and others for highlights.


This slightly more grungy and dull approach to psychedelic digital art combines textures and light, fractal-style patterns to produce an interesting and gripping piece.

Psychedelic Wool

Psychedelic Wool is an amazing and beautiful fractal piece, merging the use of a vivid color palette and superb highlighting and shadowing detail to make it burst with viewing pleasure.

Psychedelic Bomb

Psychedelic Bomb is one of the more subtle and lighter pieces here, and combines the use of psychedelic colors with modern day vector trends such as drips, swirls and light texture.

Psychedelic River

Psychedelic River is a reasonably simple piece, but at the same time is very detailed. It's bursting with color and full of tiny little images that you can only see when staring at the piece for a longer period of time than that you would looking at most other pieces.

Psychedelic Swirls

Here we have another fractal piece; Psychedelic Swirls, however, is a much more swirly fractal piece of artwork, using the colors from the traditional style and merging it with an increasingly popular modern day trend.


This three-dimensional rendered digital piece uses the power of a professional rendering software and is then finished off with an image editing application to give it some great texture, colors and glows.

Postmodern Psychedelic

One of my personal favorites in this showcase, Postmodern Psychedelic is an extremely intricate digital piece of art. The highlighting is so detailed that when viewed at full size could be mistaken as a glass painting.

Psychedelic Splendor

Psychedelic Splendor is a very vivid abstract piece of psychedelic art, uniting several circles together and bringing each one to the viewers attention by using shadows and highlights.

Psychedelic Trip

Psychedelic Trip is a powerful piece, and when viewed full size feels like you are being taken into a different world. Almost (but not quite) symmetrical, the piece uses repetitive patterns and vivid colors to draw in and keep the viewers attention.


This piece, like the above "Psychedelic Trip" piece, uses repetitive patterns to keep the viewer engaged.

Where's Adam?

The following five pieces (all of which are by the same artist) are packed full of color and lots of different medias, from photographic elements to sketches and vector shapes to patterns. All five pieces are extremely detailed, interesting and compelling.

God Morning

Anthology 001

Anthology 002

Tragiklab Is Dead


Parashroomer is a modern digital painting, combining some visual effects of those used in traditional psychedelic artwork such as glows and patterns.

Psychedelic Desert Dreams

Psychedelic Desert Dreams is an unusual yet interesting digital piece. The desert floor is made up of circles in various colors and the sky using various glows, highlights and shadows among ray patterns to draw the viewers eyes into the centre of the piece.

Art Is Everywhere

Art Is Everywhere is a remarkable abstract piece packed full of subtle patterns, swirls and gorgeous colors to bring it all to life.

Psychedelic Wallpaper

Repeated flowers, patterns and a strong color scheme bring this piece to life. The use of flowers forming a star shapes makes draws the viewers eyes into the centre of the piece.

Most Beautiful Fractal

This fractal piece titled Most Beautiful Fractal us almost hair like, combining hundreds of thin stroked lines to form a swirly and colorful unique piece.


Like a piece featured earlier in this showcase (Psychedelic Bomb), this piece combines modern day trends such as vector shapes, drips, sprays and textured images with a psychedelic style color scheme.

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