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Celebrating the Launch of Cgtuts+

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Today we're pleased to introduce the newest member of the Tuts+ family: Cgtuts+. There we'll be publishing tutorials and video training on software like Autodesk Maya and 3Ds Max, Maxon Cinema 4D, Blender, Zbrush and Mudbox. If you've ever wanted to freely learn how to create 3D animations, art or elements for games, now is the time to start!

We've launched with a massive 194 minute video training series on how to create art for current gen games. The tutorial was created by the site's editor, Kaleb Aylsworth, who is currently working as an Environmental 3D Artist on BioShock 2 multiplayer - so he's got plenty of knowledge and smarts to share!

Go on, open a new tab, check it out, leave a comment, then keep reading to learn more about our plans for the site.

We'll be publishing a combination of step-by-step written tutorials and screencasts, with preview images and videos so you can see the final result before you invest time in it. At Cgtuts+ we'll be pioneering the concept of multi-day tutorials, allowing us to produce detailed and in-depth end results without over-complicating the process.

If you think you have the skills to create a screencast or text and image tutorial for Cgtuts+, it's easy to familiarize yourself with the guidelines and become a tutorial author. We're hungry for user contributions and pay a negotiated USD rate for each accepted tutorial.

Meet the Editor, Kaleb Aylsworth


Kaleb Aylsworth is an Environmental 3D Artist with over 3 years of professional experience. His is currently employed at Digital Extremes in Canada, and working on Bioshock 2 multiplayer.

Kaleb has a 10 year background in traditional art alongside his extensive industry experience. Though passionate about all aspects of CG, Kaleb's specialty is creating art for current and next-gen games.

Kaleb's WorkKaleb's WorkKaleb's Work

Our First (Mammoth!) Tutorial

As technology evolves, the tools and requirements for creating current-gen game art are constantly changing. In this tutorial we will learn the current game art workflow in its entirety, from the low-poly model all the way to final game-ready asset. We will create a realistic grimy dumpster suitable for any urban setting.

This mammoth video training series features over 194 minutes of video instruction on all aspects of game art creation, including creating the low-poly and high-poly models, the UVW unwrap, baking normal maps from high-poly, and creating diffuse, specular and detail bump textures.

Visit Tutorial

Current-gen dumpster tutorial.Current-gen dumpster tutorial.Current-gen dumpster tutorial.

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If you're a Twitter user, don't forget to Follow Cgtuts+ on Twitter for links, posts and general chatter! You'll also find our other Tuts+ Network sites on Twitter including the main @tutsplus feed for network news and site launches.

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