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Call for Authors: Get Paid for Writing for Vectortuts+

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We're looking for more authors! Do you want to be paid to create content for an established and respected educational network? You could be the person we're looking for to add to our already awesome author team.

What We're Looking For

While we publish content on Vectortuts+ focusing on vector applications such as Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Sketch app and Inkscape, we want more! We're expanding into other content areas and have a healthy budget on commissioning quality content from the right people. Do you fit one of the skill sets we're looking for?

  • Adobe Illustrator: the industry leader in vector graphics
  • Adobe InDesign: creating print design and digital publishing
  • Inkscape: it's free and it creates vector - need we say more?
  • Sketch app: a recent contender to the vector community with plenty of features we want to educate on
  • CorelDRAW: a vector application that readers are always hungry for more
  • Typography focused content: we're looking for a solid typography orientated author

Call for Drawing Authors!

In addition to vector based content, we also want to focus on drawing tutorials. This is an area we want to bring more focus to and help teach our thousands of readers. As this is a new area of content for us, we want to bring on someone who would be able to provide quality content on a regular basis. For the right author, we can guarantee publishing spots several times per month.

You must also be comfortable with the English language. We can proof your content, but we can't rewrite everything for you. To put it simply, if you struggle when deciding whether to write its or it's, this might not be the gig for you.

We're looking content from quick tips to in depth tutorials which our Premium members love. Most of all, we want writers who can explain themselves clearly, accurately and produce quality end results.

Benefits of Becoming a Vectortuts+ Author

There are many benefits in coming a Vectortuts+ Author:

  • Getting paid for a subject you're passionate about is always rewarding
  • Get your name out into the community, this is especially good if you're just starting your freelance career
  • If you're a vector stock provider, get paid to show off your skills and teach others how to do it and we can then link to your GraphicRiver account!
  • Establish yourself as an expert in your given field by writing regularly for a respected educational network
  • Regular writers get an increased rate, this is especially good if you're starting out freelancing and want a steady income
  • We accept both professionally written tutorials and video screen casts, so it's all to do with how comfortable you feel sharing your knowledge
  • Collaborate with other authors, on Vectortuts+ and other Tuts+ sites on awesome projects! Great for adding to your portfolio

I'm sure there are plenty more benefits. I initially started my freelance career writing for Vectortuts+ and it's lead me to more opportunities, including writing my own book for Adobe Press!

Let's Talk Money!

Let's face it, one of the most appealing things about writing for Tuts+ is the money. Some of our regular authors bill us for $700 USD+ per month for publishing high quality tutorials, several times per month.

Our rates start at $50-75 USD per quick tip tutorial and $150-200 USD per regular tutorial. We are willing to discuss rates for more high profile artists and educators.

If you're a regular author, who is consistently hitting deadlines, providing quality content and engaging with readers, you can expect to bill $700 USD+ per month, which works out at $8,400 USD per year! Money for working from home, educating readers on your passion? Who doesn't want to pass that chance up!

Pitch a Tutorial!

We'll need the following information from you:

  • Name.
  • A brief paragraph about your background and why you're a good fit.
  • single link to an article that you've written, helped create, or like.
  • Two ideas for tutorials that you'd like to write for us.
  • Examples of your work, either attached images or a link to your portfolio.

E-mails with just a couple of sentances will be discarded... we want passionate people teaching our passionate readers! Send the above information to:

We look forward to hearing from you and can't wait to see what you can teach our readers!

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