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Building Up Psdtuts+


Hey folks, it's been a while since I posted about the site and its happenings.

There are actually quite a few bits of news, including a new member of the editorial team, more frequent postings, and some forums coming to the site. So on with the community updates ...

First of all, how awesome is the Psdtuts+ community getting! The subscriber base has reached over 12,000 people via RSS and Email. We have almost 500 members in the Psdtuts+ Flickr group, and a massive 700 images there too! Our link feed is picking up subscribers too, and I hope that the sites being linked to are getting some traffic.

Also during January one of my favorite sites, SmashingMagazine, in their Best of Adobe Photoshop Tutorials called Psdtuts+

"...the most smashing collection of Adobe Photoshop tutorials available on the Web."

I have just one word to say to that ... Yay!

Welcome Sean to the Team

Next, I'd like to welcome a new member of the Psdtuts+ editorial team. His name is Sean Hodge, and he's going to be helping the site get to a bigger posting schedule by making our articles and wrap-ups more regular as well as by posting a few tutorials too! Sean runs a little Web studio called ConnectionCube, writes great Illustrator tutorials over at AiBURN, and runs a blog about blogging at BlogElephant. Be sure to pay him a visit in all of his Web haunts to say hello :-)

Things to Look Forward To

The main thing we're working on at the moment is getting the posting to be more regular. At the moment, we're putting out about two posts a week, but I'd love to get us up to 5 posts a week. Of course, this will take a bit of work to build up to, as it's important we be consistent.

Also in February/March I'll be adding Psdtuts+ forums to the site. I'm looking at using either Vanilla, which we use on FreelanceSwitch, or regular ol' PHPBB.

Finally, sales on the PSDs at the end of each tutorial have been picking up which is great. It's not huge—in January we sold about $400 worth—but it's paying for a few tutorials and growing. As some of you will remember, initially I'd hoped to make the sales through a subscription system, but I had some trouble finding one that worked. I think I've found a product now, and in February I'm going to try switching over and bundling some goodies in the subscription deal.

And Some Fixed-Up Broken Links

Also, a quick apology for the broken download links on our older tutorials this week. I redirected a domain without thinking and accidentally demolished them :-) But they're all fixed up now!

On in to 2008

So anyhow, here's a belated happy new year from the Psdtuts+ team. I have no doubts that by the end of 2008, this site is going to be the powerhouse of photoshop blogs!

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