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Big Time Eye Candy from Creattica

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For those who are not in the know, Creattica is a great place to drum up some inspiration or to just browse through some amazing work. Recently, Creattica has added a whole bunch of new categories, including one for top-notch Photoshop work. Here's a rundown of some of the best work submitted so far.

Be warned. Some of these images are massive as well as outstandingly beautiful. Your monitor may get jealous.

1. Polel Portfolio

2. Typography

3. Splash

4. UT102

5. Global Warming

6. The Flag in Berlin

7. Ghost.88

8. Fuel

9. My.Chaos.

10. Expectations


12. 3d graffiti

13. Giant Mutant Centipede

14. Type & Grid

15. Decadence

16. A Part of Me

17. She’s like a rainbow

18. Space Odyssey

19. Sound

20. Fictional Absolut Ad

21. The village

22. Make Some Noise

23. First Date With Alice

24. SaintDsign_03

25. Written

26. The Creative Mind

27. The End, The Tsunami

28. Hire Me 01

29. Spring

30. Jumper

31. Experimental Works #7

32. 1Bird

33. Experimental Works #5

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