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Beyond the Boring Rectangle: Fantastic Die-Cut Business Cards

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Many people completely overlook business cards when starting up their new company, mainly due to the capabilities of social networking on the world wide web. However, traditional networking is still a very valuable source when looking for new customers and clients, and the best way to network in the "real world" is by word of mouth. In most cases family members, friends and other members of the public forget about new start-up companies (which is unfortunate), therefore they need something to remember you by. You guessed it: a business card.

If you want potential customers/clients to hold on to your business card, it needs to stand out from the crowd; it needs to be something special. This amazing compilation showcases some of the freshest die-cutting trends used in business cards - so get your thinking cap on and start designing your business card now. After all, it is likely the most powerful piece of card your company will ever see.

Square-Cornered Cards

These business cards are the same size and shape of common, standard-sized business cards but with a slight twist. The die-cutting process has been used to cut shapes out of the business cards, making them much more interesting and appealing.

Optimum Fotography


Zach Klein

Lisa Walker



Landology Group

Ordered List

Mar Hernandez


Yoga One

Round-Cornered Cards

Rounded business cards are getting ever more popular. It's a reasonably-inexpensive way to add a completely new look and feel to your card. Most print firms who print business cards on a regular basis offer round-cornered business cards for only a little extra compared to the price of standard, square-cornered cards.

Cream Soda

Chubby Cookies

Ryan Hicks

Vive Tile

M. Brady Clark


Folding Cards

Adding a fold or two to your business cards is never a bad thing. It allows your potential customers and clients to interact with the card, keeping them occupied with a product with your company name on it for a longer period of time. A lot of folding cards also have the capability of being stood upright, meaning they can be propped up on your client's desk.

The Look

Caddyshack Putters

Hungry Architect

Il Panza

Base One

Egil Paulsen

Nation Builder




Unusually Shaped Cards

Although the following unusually shaped cards don't have the same interaction level as folding cards, the odd and uncommon die-cut shapes of the cards often make potential customers and clients keep hold of them, even if it is just because they like your card.

Scottish Millionaires

Lipitty Doos Fresh Mints

John Trinh and Associates

Mineral Spring Water

Baba and Pongo


Bauerhaus Design

All Wellness

Slate Systems Radio

Whatsup Juggling

Antidote X



Printed Proof

Retail Shop



Fabio Sanfilippo


Du Bout Des Yeux

VS Gym

Business Card Showcases

If you're new to scene of the online design community (or happened to just miss these following posts), you may also be interested in some of these previous business card showcases.

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