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Best Resources of 2021: Photoshop Text Effects & Layer Styles


Create cool text effects in seconds! Check out this collection of Photoshop layer styles and text effects from Envato Market and Envato Elements.

Create cool text effects in seconds! Check out these amazing layer styles below.

37 Photoshop Text Effects & Layer Styles

Your ideas need great design, so try a quick text effect! With Photoshop layer styles, you get the option of trying out multiple effects to find the best fit. Design impressive web and print graphics with 3D text and more.

Good Vibes - Modern Neon Display Font
Get Good Vibes and more Photoshop layer styles in 2021 from Envato Elements.

Today, we bring you 37 of the best Photoshop layer styles from Envato Market and Envato Elements. Create cool, creative effects in less time with these professional styles.

Featuring some of the best-selling items of 2021, these styles are incredible resources you'll want to add to your collection.

Enjoy professionally made templates that are easy to use! Or get quality help from our design experts at Envato Studio.

What Are Layer Styles?

New to Photoshop? Learn how to install and use Photoshop layer styles from this video:

1. I ♥ Sweaters - Smart Knitted Effect (PSD)

There's no need to worry about dropped stitches with this cool Photoshop layer style. In a matter of clicks, your text can look like a knitted sweater. Not only can you apply this effect to text, but it works with patterns and photos too!

Smart Knitted Effect Photoshop

2. Old Movie Title (PSD)

This old movie style text effect can add a nostalgic vibe to your project. Simply use the included PSD file and smart objects to easily jump right in and start experimenting with your own text.

Old Movie Title

3. Underwater Text Logo Effect (PSD, JPG)

What a striking text effect! Check this one out; it simulates underwater text in such a believable and beautiful way! You won't believe how easy it is to jump right in and use this awesome text effect.

Underwater Text Logo Effect

4. 3D Text Effects Vol.2 (PSD)

Add some depth to your text with this collection of 3D text effects. This pack has a large variety of different styles to try out. Works with text, vector shapes, and logos!

3D Text Effects Vol2

5. Chrome & Fire Photoshop Layer Styles (PSD)

Really grab some attention with these chrome and fire Photoshop layer styles. The smoldering effect is really convincing. Comes with 15 layer styles! Awesome!

Chrome  Fire Photoshop Layer Styles

6. Play Dough Type (PSD)

Check out this fun, playful, playdough-inspired text effect! It comes with a PSD which contains a variety of letters, numbers and special characters which you can customize, mix, match, and experiment with!

Play Dough Type

7. Smoke Logo Text Effect (PSD)

Wow, check out this amazing smoke text effect! It's so detailed and so striking. This effect is super easy to use too; just open up the template and insert your text. It's really that simple!

Smoke Logo Text Effect

8. ShinyPixel Text Effect  (PSD)

This sweet text effect could add some visual interest to your next project! Check out these fun and stylish results! This effect works with simple text, shapes, or vector logos too!

ShinyPixels Text Effect

9. Liquid Tasty Text Effects (PSD, ASL, PDF)

Looking for an oooey, gooey effect for your text? Looking for something fun, different, and memorable? Then this is the text effect for you! It comes in eight different styles, and editing them is a snap!

Liquid Tasty Text Effects

10. Neon Christmas Layer Style (PSD)

Check out this fun and festive neon light text effect! This versatile effect can be applied to any outline shape object, as well as to light to medium fonts.

Neon Christmas Layer Style

11. Good Vibes - Modern Neon Display Font (OTF, ATN, PDF)

Check out this cool, stylish aesthetic! It could be a great fit for your music, sports, events, and a whole host of different projects! This stylish Photoshop action also comes with a bonus neon action! 

Good Vibes - Modern Neon Display Font

12. Grunge Layer Styles (EPS)

Need to add a bit of grit and grunge to your project? Try out these instant grunge layer styles. Change out the colors and customize how the textures are displayed to suit your project's needs.

Grunge Layer Styles

13. 80s Retro - Photoshop Layer Styles (PSD, ASL, PDF)

Love the 80s? Then you're going to love this collection of Photoshop layer styles! There are 22 different styles to mix, match, and enjoy! Try it on text, shapes, and logos, too!

80s Retro - Photoshop Layer Styles

14. Paper Kingdom Photoshop Layer Styles (PSD, ASL, PNG)

How about a hand-crafted paper look? Meet Paper Kingdom, an amazing set of assets with so many possibilities! We're talking over 200 paper styles, over 200 seamless paper textures, and more! 

Paper Kingdom Photoshop Layer Styles

15. Ink Stamp Photoshop Layer Styles (ASL, ATN, PDF)

These lovely, ink stamp inspired Photoshop layer styles are an awesome way to add some texture to your projects! The set includes 12 individual layer styles, as well as instructions to help you get started.

Ink Stamp Photoshop Layer Styles

16. Mad Metal – Text Effects (PSD, ASL, PDF)

How about a bold, hard-hitting aesthetic? Check out this text effect! It has nine different layer styles that are super easy to customize and really fun to use!

Mad Metal  Text Effects

17. Sewing & Embroidery Photoshop Kit (ASL, ABR, PAT)

Check out this sewing kit pack! Comes with 40 different brushes and 10 fabric layer styles. The pattern styles are seamless, making them versatile to use.

Sewing  Embroidery Photoshop Kit

18. Sport Logo Styles (AI, EPS)

These sport logo styles are perfect for logos, badges, and more! This set includes nine different styles, examples, and even free fonts to test and try out!

Sport Logo Styles

19. 8 Wood Text Effects (PSD)

These wood effects are super easy to customize and look awesome! Not only that, but they also include eight different styles! Simply change the text in the provided PSD files to start creating some wood styled type in a flash.

8 Wood Text Effects

20. Fabric Kingdom Photoshop Edition (PSD, ASL, ATN, ABR, EPS, PNG)

Fabric Kingdom is a graphic design toolbox with a cute fabric motif. Contains 14 different layer styles, 288 stitch brushes, and other goodies. Isn't it the cutest?

Fabric Kingdom Photoshop Edition

21. Chalk and Charcoal Photoshop Styles Volume 1 (ASL, PAT, PNG)

Check out these chalkboard styles and patterns. This set comes with 15 chalk and 15 charcoal effects. The layer styles are so quick and easy to use. Give it a try!

Chalk and Charcoal Photoshop Styles Volume 1

22. Graffiti Text Effects (PSD, ASL, PDF)

Looking for graffiti text effects? Check out this pack! It contains ten different styles and includes ten different mockups, ten sets of styles, and extra help files too!

Graffiti Text Effects

23. Acrylum - Modern Art Photoshop Action (ABR, ATN, PAT)

This modern art Photoshop action lets you turn any photo into a beautiful, painted piece. This one can be used with one simple click, but it also has a variety of customization options.

Acrylum - Modern Art Photoshop Action

24. 12 Retro Photoshop Text Effects (PSD)

Get inspired by retro vintage textures with this extraordinary pack of text effects. Choose from 12 different effects to apply to your work. Make amazing typographic compositions with polished effects you'll love! 

12 Retro Photoshop Text Effects

25. Real 3D Text Mockups Vol 1 (PSD)

Phenomenal 3D designs are possible in Photoshop. And you can achieve a clean, classic look with this pack of 3D mockups. Choose from six Photoshop files with organized layers and groups. Save time with this download!

Real 3D Text Mockups Vol 1

26. The Ultimate 1001 Text Effects (PSD)

Prep yourself for any scenario with this ultimate collection of 1,001 text effects. Whether you're new to Photoshop or more experienced, these stylish effects are certainly easy to use. Get this collection to enjoy amazing gold and metal effects.

The Ultimate 1001 Text Effects

27. Retro Text Effects Vol 1 (PSD, ASL)

From vintage sports signs to exciting neon lights, this text effect pack includes ten colorful options. It works well at 300 dpi, ensuring that you'll have a high-quality result. Just add your text to the simple-to-use smart objects to enjoy this effect.

Retro Text Effects Vol 1

28. Simple 3D Text and Logo Effects (PSD)

Need a simple effect that's also multipurpose? Try out this phenomenal bundle! This pack includes ten 3D text and logo effects featuring a minimalist design. They're very easy to use, so you'll have no problems changing the colors or textures. 

Simple 3D Text and Logo Effects

29. Text Portrait Mockup (PSD)

Turn your pictures into cool text portraits with this Photoshop mockup. This download includes four Photoshop files with everything you need inside. Create a high-quality effect that will work well on any T-shirt or graphic design.

Text Portrait Mockup

30. Salt and Sugar Generator (PSD, ASL, ABR, ATN, PAT, PDF)

Spell out your messages with this fun generator. This download includes two Photoshop actions to generate salt and sugar text. The effect is realistic and clean, and features highly detailed textures to inspire phenomenal design. Enjoy it now!

Salt and Sugar Generator

Useful Layer Styles and Text Effects From GraphicRiver for 2021

It's good to have the right creative resources to complete your projects in 2021. That's why I've rounded up even more Photoshop layer styles and text effects, this time from GraphicRiver. 

1. Photoshop Text Effects Vol 25 (PSD, ASL)

Apply brilliant metal textures to your designs with the help of these layer styles. This incredible pack includes several inspiring designs featuring grunge and metal designs. They're 100% scalable too, so you can easily insert them into your projects!

Photoshop Text Effects Vol 25

2. The Snow Text Generator (PSD)

Get ready for winter with this super creative text effect. Packed with 12 iced snow backgrounds, this package includes many amazing elements for a wintry look. You'll love the selection!

The Snow Text Generator

3. 3D Gold and Metal Effects (PSD, ASL)

Give your work that professional polish with this set of 18-carat text effects. This suite includes ten Photoshop files with 3D gold and metal text effects to make your titles look awesome. Great for web and print work. 

3D Gold and Metal Effects

4. 80s Text Effects (PSD, ASL)

Design a new Facebook cover with this awesome 80s text effect. Inspired by the trendy neon colors and sci-fi typefaces of the 80s, this package includes ten Photoshop files that are fully editable. Try it out for a cool result!

80s Text Effects

5. Pressed - Letterpress Photoshop Styles (PSD, ASL)

With this Photoshop text effect, you can apply the classic letterpress style to your modern fonts. This bundle comes with 15 ready-to-use Photoshop files that can make stylish results. Make pretty designs with text perfect for weddings and more!

Pressed Letterpress Photoshop Styles

6. Retro Neon Styles Pack (ASL)

See your name in lights? Make it happen with this elegant retro styles pack. Any lover of vintage design will appreciate this incredible resource of 18 Photoshop files with over 80 layer styles. Create that wonderful retro diner look with this effect!

Retro Neon Styles Pack

7. Foil Balloon Text Effect for Photoshop (PSD)

Foil balloons are super popular on Instagram! And you can celebrate all your special achievements with this incredible text effect. Built using smart objects in Photoshop, this text effect requires version CS6 and above.

Foil Balloon Text Effect for Photoshop

20 Awesome Text Effect Tutorials

Want to create these effects yourself? Try one of these Photoshop tutorials to get you started. Design epic typography with 3D effects and more.


This list features exciting resources for the avid designer familiar with Adobe Photoshop. For additional help with your typography needs, enlist the skills of a talented professional by choosing one of the amazing designers from Envato Studio.

And with loads of Photoshop layer styles available at your fingertips, chances are we've missed a few to add to your personal collection. Be sure to browse Envato Elements and Envato Market for more creative resources, and let us know your favorites in the comments below!

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