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Best Resources of 2017: Awesome Fonts You Must Have!

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This post is part of a series called Best Fonts to Download.
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Get the best fonts of 2017. Check out this list below.

21 of the Best Fonts of 2017

The end of the year is almost here, and you know what that means! We've got another great list of premium resources for you.

Today, we bring you 21 of the best fonts from Envato Market and Envato Elements. These fonts feature everything from retro-inspired styles to playful typefaces with bouncy baselines.

Cool fonts are just what you need to create clever and unique designs. Enjoy beautiful script fonts and sans serif styles that are sure to impress.

Download professionally made typefaces that are easy to use! Or get quality help from our experts at Envato Studio.

Learn More About Fonts

New to typefaces? Learn how to use fonts with the help of these lessons:

Astronout Signature Typeface

Push the limits with this stunning Astronout typeface. This sleek font features a distinct signature style with realistic finishes. Use it as your official signature on personal documents, brand stationery, and more.

Astronout Signature Typeface Astronout Signature Typeface Astronout Signature Typeface

Fusioner Typeface

Or check out this awesome Fusioner typeface with cool graffiti elements. This epic typeface merges street style details with futuristic design. Get access to a full set of letters, numbers, and punctuation in this download.

Fusioner Typeface Fusioner Typeface Fusioner Typeface

Parlour Typeface

Reflect that vintage era you're going for with this retro Parlour typeface. The old-fashioned design features all capital letters along with punctuation and special glyphs. Add a bit of grunge to your work with a subtle typeface.

Parlour TypefaceParlour TypefaceParlour Typeface

Burelom Brush Script

Brush scripts give you the best aspects of handwritten design without all the fuss. This Burelom typeface features a natural brush style with a mix of smooth and rough edges. It captures the essence of rugged design while maintaining a nice rhythm. Try it out!

Burelom Brush ScriptBurelom Brush ScriptBurelom Brush Script

Honeycomb Font

Lure all your customers with this gorgeous Honeycomb font. This modern design features a lovely calligraphic style with fat to thin brush strokes for more appeal. Download this font pack to get full letters and punctuation, as well as international support.

Honeycomb FontHoneycomb FontHoneycomb Font

Crazy Marker Graffiti Font

Marker stains are permanent. Avoid the mess that comes with traditional art tools by downloading a graphic graffiti font like Crazy Marker. This handwritten font features 376 glyphs including letters, numbers, and stylistic alternates.

Crazy Marker Graffiti Font Crazy Marker Graffiti Font Crazy Marker Graffiti Font

The Douglas Collections

There's nothing better than a great font bundle. This Douglas collection features 12 of the finest handmade fonts you'll want to include in your arsenal. Equip yourself with the ultimate font and vector shape combo to transform your workflow.

The Douglas CollectionsThe Douglas CollectionsThe Douglas Collections

Bananito Font Duo

Created by our very own instructor, Yulia Sokolova, the playful Bananito font features beautiful curves and quirky details. The design combines common cheery elements with a sleek minimalist style to make your work look fresh and creative. You'll love this font!

Bananito Font Duo Bananito Font Duo Bananito Font Duo

Letter Craft Font

Designers are keeping traditional calligraphy styles alive with digital font types. Check out this Letter Craft font, for example. The design features a modern, trendy look that is suitable for many projects.

Letter Craft Font Letter Craft Font Letter Craft Font

Masto Typeface

Launch your dream with a compelling logo. The incredible Masto font features a unique calligraphic design with fluid brush strokes. Get that authentic, hand-crafted feel with a brilliant typeface that looks as if it was just written.

Masto Typeface Masto Typeface Masto Typeface

Arion Signature Typeface

It's always good to keep a few signature fonts on deck. Try this Arion signature, for instance. Test out your name using the easy-to-use text preview to see how it looks. A great deal for designers, this pack gives you two amazing fonts for one price.

Arion Signature Typeface Arion Signature Typeface Arion Signature Typeface

Metropolis Font-Family

Some of your favorite fonts have incredible back stories to them. This Metropolis font family was originally inspired by a 1927 Fritz Lang movie and influenced by its classic style. It revives the classic elegance of traditional serif typefaces while maintaining some modernity. Give it a try!

Metropolis Font-FamilyMetropolis Font-FamilyMetropolis Font-Family

Cebo Font

Futuristic fonts are always sleek and minimal. And this Cebo font doesn't disappoint. This font package features five professional typefaces with several styles to choose from. Use it for headers and logos, or even on a t-shirt design.

Cebo Font Cebo Font Cebo Font

Billy Ohio Typeface

Billy Ohio is a dry brush style typeface that is hard to miss. You'll love the mix of elegant swooping letters with rough brush accents for any creative endeavor. Download it today to get a full set of numbers, letters, and stylistic alternates.

Billy Ohio Typeface Billy Ohio Typeface Billy Ohio Typeface

Maxwell Sans Bold Typeface

Clean and condensed, this Maxwell Sans Bold Typeface is inspired by similar font styles from the 1950s. Incorporate a bit of vintage nostalgic into your work, with a font that is sure to enhance your designs. Test it out!

Maxwell Sans BoldMaxwell Sans BoldMaxwell Sans Bold

Zalora Typeface

Display fonts are best suited for fabulous design. And you'll want to dive into the next incredible adventure with this Zalora typeface. Featuring eight unique display fonts, this pack includes both grunge and inline versions.

Zalora TypefaceZalora TypefaceZalora Typeface

Amsterdam Font Collection

Create the perfect postcard of your memories. Download a font like Amsterdam to satisfy the travel lover within you. This collection features four stylish signature fonts with lowercase and capital letters. Enjoy!

Amsterdam Font CollectionAmsterdam Font CollectionAmsterdam Font Collection

Zenzero Grotesk Typeface

There's nothing grotesque about this Zenzero Grotesk typeface. Featuring a mixture of sans serif and slab font styles, this typeface will set your work apart from the rest. Download it today to use it in endless design projects.

Zenzero Grotesk TypefaceZenzero Grotesk TypefaceZenzero Grotesk Typeface

Selfish Font

Selfish is a cheeky, flirty font that will make you feel a little guilty. Enjoy the stylish design with simplistic letters that are absolutely charming. The best part? You'll be able to use this font in multiple languages, making it an essential asset for everyone!

Selfish FontSelfish FontSelfish Font

Brightshine Typeface

Cursive scripts are elegant and romantic. This Brightshine typeface features 313 glyphs with tons of alternate characters. Add it to a Valentine's Day design or incorporate it into a lovely greeting card to make someone's day!

Brightshine TypefaceBrightshine TypefaceBrightshine Typeface

The Risk - Handmade Font

Without risk, there's no reward. The Risk is a tough, handmade typeface featuring a compelling, casual design. Start your next journey with a trendy aesthetic that is both modern and textural.

The Risk - Handmade fontThe Risk - Handmade fontThe Risk - Handmade font


This list features exciting resources for the avid designer familiar with type design. For additional help with your font needs, enlist the skills of a talented professional by choosing one of the amazing designers from Envato Studio.

And with loads of fonts available at your fingertips, chances are we've missed a few to add to your personal collection. Be sure to browse Envato Market and Envato Elements for more resources, and let us know your favorites in the comments below!

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