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Let's take a look at the best tutorials, resources, and articles the web has to offer from September. I found tutorials on interesting topics like movie posters and sleek gadgets. Some links to awesome freebies, such as: icons, as well as brushes, and vector starbursts. Also, included is a two part article on amazing graphic design magazines, so lets check them out!

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  • Create a Sci-Fi Poster

    This tutorial features how to design a very professional movie poster. The reason it is an interesting tutorial is because it uses many different techniques from plant design to creating beams of light and explosions. So you should give this a read and try to make your own adaptation of a Sci-Fi movie.

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  • A New Way to Create 3D Text

    In this tutorial, you will be shown how to make a simple yet professional looking 3D Text in a very short

    amount of time. You would be able to use any 3D software and then bring it to life with coloring and designing in Photoshop itself.

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  • Creating an Amazing Ad

    Now this tutorial is great because it is very simple to do, but it also demonstrates how to create a great effect. There are some simple stock uses that result in adding amazing effect to a simple ad or logo. So everyone should read this and try to make their own ad's.

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  • Creating Product Labels

    Here we have another interesting and unique tutorial. It shows you how to create your own product label, as well as shows you how to make an illustrated character, and then creative elements to go along with the main image.

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  • 27 Of the Best Gadget Tutorials

    This is a great group of tutorials showing you how to make some popular gadgets. A couple of the tutorials featured in this group come from our talented artists, there are a lot of interesting tutorials included in there like designing a camera and making a game console.

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  • Creating Grunge Brushes

    This is a very helpful tutorial because sometimes an artist needs a specific type of brush to go along with their art, but they cant find anything that fits. If you are looking to make your own custom brushes then this should be something that you should read, you can customize your own brushes down to every detail.

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(FREE!) Download Picks

  • Free Icon Set

    Here you have 11 high quality desktop icons. They range from an RSS icon to a Twitter, and boxing glove icon. They should definitely spruce up your desktop or website.

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  • High Resolution Brushes

    BittBox provides us with 9 sets of high quality Photoshop Brushes. Included in the pack are watercolor, splatter, floral, grungy brushes and much more. I suggest you download them all and put them to use.

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  • 14 Scatter Brushes

    Go Media gives us a great selection of scatter brushes that are of the best quality. Not only that, but they add an explanation of what goes into creating a Scatter Brush.

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  • Hyper Brushes

    This brush set features some very futuristic looking brushes. They are abstract brushes that can be used in all types of art.

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  • Creative Doodles

    Another brush pack we have for this month is the creative doodles. This is

    definitely an original brush pack because it features 19 hand drawn strokes that should give your art a nice

    lively feel.

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  • Horizontal Dividers

    These brushes are interesting because they are ornate. If your next project needs decorated dividers, then go ahead and download them, as they are very useful.

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  • 10 Successful Logo Redesigns

    This is an interesting article for all you logo design lovers. It features 10 different logos showing the before and after of each. The article also explains why the new design looks better and more appealing.

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  • 10 Amazing Graphic Design Magazines

    If you are in need of inspiration, then you should give this article a read. It shows some of the best graphic design magazines and explains why. If you liked part one be sure to check out part 2, which lists even more great graphic design magazines.

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  • Adobe Creative Suite 4

    Since we are all lovers of Adobe Photoshop, I thought we should get some more information about the upcoming version Adobe is putting out. We already have an article explaining what will be featured in this version of Photoshop, but the article linked to below explains the look and feel of the new product, which is a fun topic.

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  • Top 7 Fonts used in Professional Graphic Design

    If anyone is looking to get their work looking more professional, then they should definitely check this article out. The author gives us 7 of the top fonts that are being used by professional typographers and designers today.

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  • Eight Ways to Become a Better Designer

    This is an extremely informative article because it takes the opinions from several different graphic designers and gives us what they think are the 8 best ways to become better at designing. Who doesn't want to improve their design skills?

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