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Best of the Web - October 2009

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This month was filled with awesome content like a very cool 3D text tutorial that incorporated C4D, Illustrator, and of course Photoshop. We feature a few great texture packs that everyone should check out, and also stylish wallpapers for iPhone users. As usual, we have some informative articles, and inspirational pieces to check out. So lets get into this October wrap up!

Tutorial Wrap

  • 3D Typography Tutorial

    This tutorial is a very cool one, something for the more advanced users who can use C4D and Illustrator, as well as Photoshop. If you are a somewhat new designer and would like a good challenge, then definitely try this one out. It will teach newcomers some great techniques in three very important programs that are essential to a designer. So this is a must try out for everyone. The outcome is visually great and the tutorial is detailed.

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  • Adding an Eastern Twist to your Art

    This tutorial focuses on how to bring a little traditional Asian culture to your art, if you are up for trying out this visual style, then you should go for it. It is a six page tutorial so there are quite a number of steps, but it is also detailed. Simple techniques are used and the outcome is visually pleasing, so this is another tutorial to try out.

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  • Building a Slick User Interface

    Here we have a tutorial for the Photoshop newcomers, anyone who has been around the tutorial blogs has seen countless tutorials that show you how to make iPods, iPhones, and various other types of electronic interfaces. So if that
    wasn't enough for you here is a different take on one. I suggest people who need some practice with getting
    familiar with layer styles check this out because a lot of that is used here.

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  • Giving your Sketches a Face Lift

    We all have a bunch of random doodles that we draw out just for fun, some actually have sketchbooks but don't go any further than just drawing them. Well this tutorial will show you how to take your drawings and create amazing digital art with them. So round up some old drawings, scan them in, and follow this detailed tutorial. See if you can make something new out of your old doodles.

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  • Create a Clean Hosting layout

    Last month we featured a similar tutorial from Grafpedia showing how to make a very stylish and professional layout for a hosting website. Well if that wasn't enough for you, here is a second tutorial on creating a sleek business template. The techniques are fairly the same as last time, but if you need more practice, then this is the thing for you.

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  • Create Cool Wet ink Typography

    This tutorial has a very cool outcome and requires a small amount of effort on the designers part. This is all we could ask for, a very stylish result made with a lot of ease. There isn't much to say about this typographic tutorial. So check it out, download the brushes needed and get to creating your own rendition of it.

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(FREE!) Download Picks

  • Vintage Vector Pack

    Our first freebie of the month is a vintage serpent vector pack,
    unfortunately the pack only contains 4 images but they are still high quality and can be used many ways. The pack contains 2 serpent vectors, a
    origami type vector, and an abstract cube vector. They are all cool and unusual so everyone should check them out.

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  • 20 Free iPhone Wallpapers

    If you are a real iPhone fanatic and change your wallpaper every month, then this is the freebie for you. The pack contains 20 very cool wallpapers ranging in many different styles for everyone's favorite cell phone.

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  • Storm Cloud Textures

    Here we have a great addition to anyone's collection of stocks. All designers use stocks of clouds and the sky so that is why these are so good. They are high resolution, which also helps when working with a big canvas. Check these stocks out and save the ones you like, you wont regret it because eventually you will end up using them.

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  • Hair Styles Vectors

    This is a unique freebie that not everyone might want, but it is still cool enough to feature. This pack contains vectored images of different male and female hairstyles. The pack contains 8 different high quality vectors, so check it out if this is something you think you would need.

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  • 22 Textures from the Grand Canyon

    Here is our second and not last texture pack for this month. This one is a pack of 22 various textures found on a trip to the grand canyon. The pack features many different types of textures, it varies from rocks, water, to the sky, and shots of the terrain. So check this one out.

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  • Rust Texture Pack

    Now for our next texture pack we are featuring something more gritty, these rust textures are perfect for different types of grunge art. There are a bunch of different colored metals with different types of rust. They should give your art some great effects.

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  • 80 Stunning Backgrounds for your Website

    Your website does not need to have a simple and plain background, some backgrounds can really tie in the whole feel of a website, and this freebie is here to help. This post features 80 backgrounds for many different types of themes. This is a must check out for anyone who creates layouts, or owns a website, or is just looking for a cool background for themselves.

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Article Wrap

  • Graphic Design Education

    If you are looking to get serious about becoming a full time graphic designer then this is your article to read, the author tells you some important steps on where to start if you want to become a designer and some of the important requirements.

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  • Showcase of Beautiful Textured Web Designs

    Here is your monthly dose of inspiration. This article showcases some great uses of textures in website designs. This is a combination with some of the textures in the Freebie section, and the layout tutorial. So check this out get inspired and try to make some yourself.

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  • 5 Overlooked Features In Photoshop

    This is an interesting and informative article. The author points out 5 things that most people forget about and overlook when using Photoshop. These 5 things can be extremely helpful and should not be forgotten when designing. So check it out and make sure you know about them before you try and create some more art.

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  • Negative Space in Logo Design

    Too much blank space can sometimes hurt a logo, but the author of this article points out that some logos actually look better with some negative space. This is a roundup of some famous and not so famous logos that use negative space well. With each logo you can see who created it and what agency they work for. So check this out if you are really into logos!

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  • Top Linked Design Articles

    You do not have to sit at home or your office all day looking to be inspired. This article points out that the "offline" world has inspiration all around it, you just need to know how to look. This is an extensive article that shows you the many different types of inspiration outside of the computer screen. So this is a must read for all because we all are without inspiration at one point or another.

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  • Things to Ask your Clients for Besides Money

    This article will help you grow as a business man while still being a good designer. The author points out 7 things that you can ask from your clients that will help your career in the long run. So if you are a freelancer then this is something you should definitely check out because some of the tips here can prolong a designer's career and bring in more business.

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  • How to Choose a Logo Designer

    A companies brand is one of the most important things that the company has. Their logo will be plastered everywhere they are, so choosing the right designer to do that logo is essential. That is why the author of this tutorial has given a few tips for the person who is looking to hire a good logo designer. 10 Tips that should find you a competent and talented designer that can create the right logo for your business.

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