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Best of the Web – November 2008

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November was another exciting month for the vector design community. Every month the vector content around the web gets better and better. There were tons of great tutorials, free downloads and articles this month to choose from. This round up features some of the best vector content from around the web for the month of November.

Tutorial Wrap

  • Twitterlove Bird, From Sketch to Vector in Photoshop and Illustrator

    Illustrator and graphic designer Rob Barrett shows how he created a Twitter-style bird in Illustrator from a sketch that he tweaked in Photoshop. This is a really great tutorial for any aspiring illustrator hoping to learn a bit more on how cartoon illustrations are created. We also have a fun twitter character tutorial from Rype here on the site.

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  • Adobe Illustrator in 3D

    In this tutorial Layers Magazine shows us how to mockup a label for an aluminum can using some of Illustrator’s 3D capabilities. This tutorial is really helpful for anyone who wants to learn the basics of mapping objects to 3D elements in Illustrator.

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  • Gradient Flower Icon in Illustrator

    Veerle show us how to create a cool flower-looking shape using some of Illustrator’s transform and gradient tools. This is a nice tutorial for anyone looking to brush up on some of the tools Illustrator has for creating and manipulating paths as well as Illustrator gradient features.

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  • A Very Snowy Tutorial

    MyInkBlog gets into the holiday spirit and demonstrates how to mix Illustrator and Photoshop to create a snowflake filled background for your designs. This is a great demonstration of some of the techniques used to mix Illustrator and Photoshop to create really impressive designs.

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  • Create a Burberry Style Plaid with Illustrator in 4 Steps

    Lately, I’ve been obsessed with plaid and argyle patterns. In this tutorial I show how to quickly create a basic Burberry-style plaid pattern in Illustrator. This is a useful tutorial for anyone wanting to create a basic plaid pattern for use in fashion, package design and of course graphic and web design.

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  • Creating Vector Characters in Illustrator (PDF)

    Characters can add a recognizable face to your work. This tutorial shows how to go from a sketch to a finished product in Illustrator. This is another great tutorial for anyone wanting to brush up on their character designs skills.

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(FREE!) Download Picks

  • Free Character Pack for All!

    Dark Motion, an amazing Illustrator and animator living in Australia offers up this wonderful illustrated character for free. If you’re looking for a great mascot for your website feel free to use this illustration with no restrictions.

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  • Free Vectors - 230 Marker Illustrator Brushes

    Think Design offers up this enormous Illustrator brush collection for us to use in our designs. If you’re looking to create a realistic marker effect in your illustrations, download this great set of marker-style brushes and give them a test run.

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  • Snow Landscape

    In continuing with our winter theme, Qvectors released this beautiful winter landscape complete with snow-covered trees, rolling hills and buildings. Download and use this illustration in your work for free.

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  • BB Free Vectors: Birds in Flight

    In response to some user feedback, Bittbox releases another set of high quality vector freebies on his website. If you have ever needed bird silhouettes for your designs download this set and give it a whirl. Birds flying in the background of your design can add dimension and life to your designs.

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  • Flourish Freebie: Ornamental Vector Swirls

    Swirls make for great decorative elements and can be used in just about any way. Graphic designer Ann Storer released a beautiful set of vector swirls on her site last month. Make your way over to Ann’s website and give this set of freebies a swirl.

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Articles and Resources Wrap

  • Vector vs. 3D vs. Photos. Can You See the Difference?

    This is a really cool article that illustrates the difference; or lack thereof between high quality vector graphics, 3D graphics and photographs. Take a look at this article and see if you can figure out which is which.

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  • Retro Comic Book Covers

    Grungy Bit posted this really amazing resource for retro and vintage illustration on their site. This discovery is really an endless collection of comic book covers for inspiration. Take a look and be impressed.

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  • Illustration Class

    Von Glitschka, a fellow VECTORTUTS tutorial writer and designer runs a really great tutorial site. On his site you can follow along as he creates some amazing vector illustrations from sketch to completion.

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  • Illustration Collection

    Design blogger Craig Baldwin displays an amazing list of vector illustrations for inspiration. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next project or simply looking to brush up on your illustration skills, take a look at this great list.

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  • How 20 Designers Charge Their Clients

    David Airey asks 20 designers how they charge their clients. For many designers it can be tough to decide how to best bill their clients. This two part article offers some interesting insight into how professional designers bill their clients. (Part I, Part II)

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