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Best of the Web - November 2008

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November was a month filled with tons of good material worth featuring in this wrap up. I narrowed down the best tutorials, free downloads, and articles on the web for this month. We have an article featuring our editor Sean, a interesting tutorial on a planet scene, and some cool free brushes and textures. Lets get into the content.

Tutorial Wrap

  • Floral Type Tutorial

    Here we have a great typography tutorial that shows us how to take a normal dull font and add a nice floral vector to it to make it more ornate and decorative.

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  • Retro Movie Poster

    I can honestly say I have never seen a movie poster like this. Its a very

    colorful retro poster, featuring a monkey! The tutorial here is extremely detailed and some great techniques are mentioned.

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  • Manipulating an Aircraft

    This is a very helpful tutorial especially to new comers in the field of photo manipulation. It shows how to take a normal picture of a plane and by using Photoshop techniques turn it into an illustration of a falling plane engulfed in flames.

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  • Space Environment

    Another interesting space scene tutorial. This takes a different route into making the whole

    environment of space, so if you like making space scenes this is one you should check out.

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  • Combining 3D Renders with Stocks

    This is a unique design that utilizes 3D renders and stocks. The creator shows you how to take stocks and mix them harmoniously with 3D renders.

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  • In and out of Photoshop

    This is a great inspirational tutorial that shows the designer who is out of ideas to get inspired by stepping away for

    Photoshop for a while then getting back into it.

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  • Slow Motion Bullet

    Here we have an amazing tutorial that shows how to create the effect of a bullet breaking through a

    TV remote. Very creative techniques are used in this tutorial showing the reader how to break down the remote to have that shattered effect.

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  • Storm Effect

    Another great tutorial showing how to use filters and stocks to turn a

    serene environment into a field in the middle of a stormy night.

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  • Smokin' Woman

    This is a great and unique tutorial showing how to incorporate stocks into smoke fumes from a

    cigarette, gives off a very good effect.

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(FREE!) Download Picks

  • Retro Brush Set

    Here we have a very nice retro brush set featuring a lot of images that can give any design a very old feel. It features 17 custom brushes, make sure to download it.

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  • High-Res Watercolor Brushes

    This is an awesome brush set filled with 7 high resolution brushes; they are 2500px so they are the best quality. If you are into painting in Photoshop then

    you must download this pack.

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  • 18 Custom Fonts

    More freebies for us, here we are given 18 new fonts, and they aren't the usual generic fonts that are given out for free. These are very unique and vibrant.

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  • Dellifeed Icon Set

    Dellifeed gives us an awesome set of icons. A pack of 8 delicious looking icons that can be used for various purposes. These are a must download for anybody.

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  • 5 Custom Grungy Textures

    Texture Tuesday is a new series started by the guys at Bittbox and lets all thank them for providing us with some high quality stocks. These are 5 great high quality stocks that can be used for a lot of things.

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  • 95 Free Grunge Fonts

    The Outlaw Design Blog has brought us 95 great grunge stocks. There are so many to choose from that you will

    surely find one to your liking, so everyone should really look through the selection they provide for us.

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  • 10 Skull Brushes

    These aren't your normal skull brushes, all the skulls featured in this pack are adorned with headgear or other

    accessories making them look even better. With an average size of 500px this is a great resource to have on hand when designing.

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  • 25 Amazing Photoshop Downloads

    This is an awesome feature because it rounds up all the great pieces of work that have been posted with the free PSD download. The files have educational only rights though, so are good to learn from. From skateboard icons, to guitars, apples, and more.

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Article Wrap

  • Interview with Psdtuts+ Editor Sean Hodge

    ColorBurned has recently interviewed Psdtuts+' great editor Sean Hodge. An informative interview where Sean talks about his background, blogging, and designing among other topics.

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  • Adobe Photoshop Cheat Sheets

    What designer wouldn't want to know about some new shortcuts in Photoshop to increase

    efficiency? Definitely a must read for all.

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  • 47 Resources for T-Shirt Designers

    If you are looking to create your own clothing line or design your own t-shirts than this is a great read featuring resources that would help this process.

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  • Beautiful 3D Typography

    A great article for inspiration in the field of typography. Look through these 45 images and you

    surely will be inspired.

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  • How Much Should I Charge?

    Another informative article, this one is specifically for freelance designers. The author gives you 6 points explaining different routes of charging people for your services in design.

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  • 79 Amazing Album Covers

    Last month we featured some of the best Movie Posters, this month we feature amazing

    inspirational album covers.

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  • Brilliant Comic Book Covers

    If the 79 Album covers didn't inspire you then try checking these brilliant comic book covers. A lot of amazing art is featured in this article.

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  • 80 Creative, Smart, and Clever Advertising

    This is clever designing at its finest. If you like great unique

    advertising then check these 80 designs out, some of them are just pure


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  • 90+ Graphic Design Blogs

    This is a post every designer needs to check out. An amazing compilation of some of the best graphic design blogs out there, featuring blogs devoted to typography, logos, tutorials, and more.

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