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Each month the Internet churns out some great content for pretty much everybody. This month was no different. In this month’s best of the web roundup we have some exceptional tutorials covering a wide variety of design styles. Each tutorial is extremely detailed and well explained. In addition, the final results from those tutorials look amazing. Let’s also not forget about some of the cool freebies released this month like wallpapers, RSS icons, and unique textures. To wrap it up we have some informative and interesting articles that focus on many different aspects of the design industry. So lets get into another roundup!

Tutorial Wrap

  • Break an Egg in Photoshop

    Personally, I think this is one of the best tutorials we have featured in our monthly roundups. The author of this tutorial gives the reader a 19-page, step-by-step tutorial on how to create a broken egg from scratch. This means you will only use basic Photoshop tools; another reason why this tutorial is so great is because of the end result and the amount of detail you can put into something as simple as a cracked egg. This is recommended especially for beginners because it stresses details and simplicity in Photoshop, but everyone else should check this out too.

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  • Fashion Inspired Photo Illustrations

    Our next tutorial is another great one that focuses on some awesome fashion inspired illustrations. This tutorial will instruct the viewer on how to create custom shapes to decorate fashion photographs. It also goes into some other cool ways to give some more depth to a photo. So if you are into this type of art then this is another must check out for you.

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  • Creating Number Based Illustration

    This great tutorial is a mix of typography and simple illustration. The author instructs the reader on how to take a number and add a bunch of patterns that mix into a cohesive whole. Everything from the colors to the types of patterns work in this illustration so it is something everyone should also check out.

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  • Adding 3D Depth to 2D Images

    For those who like merging 3d art with 2d images this is the tutorial for you. The talented designer Saad Moosajee shows the viewers how to take some custom made 3d images that were created in Cinema 4D and bring them into a simple 2D photo. The tutorial then goes into
    merging these two elements and having them complement each other in the overall illustration.

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  • Mixing Brushes and Layers

    Our next tutorial focuses on taking some simple brush stroke brush sets and creating a whole illustration with them. This simple technique makes for some great art and this tutorial is a prime example of that. The author will show you how to take an image of a woman, and use filters to give it that brushed painted look, then you will use some brush strokes to give the whole
    illustration a painted feel. So check this one out if you are interested in this type of design style.

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  • Creating Magic Wood Scenery

    The last tutorial of the month is another unique and interesting one. This 60+ step tutorial uses random pictures to create images of birds and trees. The technique used to make this illustration is
    extremely creative and takes some time to perfect but this is definitely something to look at because the possibilities are endless if you try it out.

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(FREE!) Download Picks

  • Fabric Textures

    Our first freebie is an interesting and unique set of textures, this post rounds up 40+ fabric textures. They come in a variety of patterns and design styles so this is
    definitely something to checkout if you think you will find yourself in need of some fabrics.

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  • Ladies Lineaments

    The next freebie we are showing you guys is a pack of women lineaments. Now unfortunately if you don’t have a premium membership with the website you can only download a pack with 2 but in my opinion it is still worth it because making these yourself is somewhat tedious and even 2 of them can bring some use. So check these lineaments out and see if you can find some use for them.

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  • 10 Random Textures

    Our next texture pack featured has a wide assortment of textures, each for a different need. This pack features textures like raindrops, broken wood, and concrete. They are all high quality and worth downloading so check it out and download the ones you like.

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  • 12 Wooden Social Networking Icons

    This freebie is a pack of 12 wooden social networking icons. This sleek pack goes well with any simple design and features your standard social networks. So if you feel these icons will go with your websites current design then check them out and download them.

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  • RSS Icon Showcase

    This roundup features a huge number of free RSS icons. It is definitely worth it to dig through these icons because you will most
    likely find some gems in the pack. Some of the icons are very well designed and could be a great addition to your feed. So check this one out.

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  • Mac Spencer Wallpaper

    To finish it off we are showing you guys an awesome free wallpaper designer by Max Spencer. The wallpaper features a simple yet visually pleasing abstract design. As always the wallpaper comes in all popular resolution and now you can even find the iPad resolution, so if you have snagged one already make this your new wallpaper.

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Article Wrap

  • 10 Useful iPhone Apps for Designers

    Our first article gives all those iPhone users some helpful apps to download. The article runs down 10 different applications that are beneficial to graphic designers and web developers, some of the apps included deal with different brushes, and fonts. So if you have an iPhone head to the app store and check out these helpful apps.

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  • The Psychology of Web Design

    Here we have one of the more interesting articles put out in the past few months. The author looks at some of the basic psychological principles and how they can affect how a person views your website. The article makes the point that if the designer understands them then they can design a better website. This is a very informative read for everybody because the psychological perspective can be applied to may aspects of design.

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  • Simplicity Sells

    This article is based off of a quote by Leonardo DaVinci, and it then leads to a 20 minute video of New York Times columnist David Pogue talking about technology and design as well as how simplicity sells in our current times.

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  • 7 Deadly Sins Represented With Web Design Colors

    Our next article is another interesting one and is mostly featured for inspirational purposes. This
    original article focuses on the 7 deadly sins and then gives each of them a basic color and shows example of web designs that embody these sins. It is a very interesting read so everyone should check it out.

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  • Blue Collar Design Lessons

    This article shows that most designers can learn a few lessons from blue collared workers. These hard workers have some great values that can be used by designers to make their overall productivity better. For example the article talks about hard work, as well as the tools of the trade. So check this out because it is another unique and interesting read.

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  • Architecture Vs Web Design

    Finally we have another unique article that takes a look at the designs implemented in modern architecture compared to web design. The author focuses on the differences and
    similarities these two disciplines share, although there are more differences this is still a good read for most.

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