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Best of the Web – March 2009

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As you know, each month we round up the best vector content from around the web. March was another exciting month for the design community with as much content to choose from as we have ever seen. Take a moment to review some of our favorite picks for the month of March.

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  • Vector Build Methods

    This fantastic video tutorial by our friend Von Glitschka demonstrates how to utilize Xtreme Path, an illustrator plug-in that adds extra functionality to Illustrator’s path manipulation tools. This tutorial is one of the best tutorials I’ve ever seen demonstrating how to create precise shapes and curves in an illustration.

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  • Create a Simple Spaceship in Illustrator

    This fun tutorial by Denis Designs demonstrates how to create a quick spaceship from scratch using simple shapes, strokes, gradients, and shadows. It’s a great starting point for anyone hoping to learn more about illustrating cute cartoon graphics.

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  • Creating an Effective Wireframe

    Creating a wireframe can save you a lot of time when you present your designs to a client. In this video tutorial, our friends at From the Couch show us how to create an effective wireframe using Adobe Fireworks.

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  • Illustrator Quick Tips - Scatter Brushes

    Brushes in Photoshop and Illustrator can be very useful. In Photoshop, brushes can be used to create all sorts of effects. While Illustrator handles brushes in a different way, one could argue that brushes are even more useful and easier to work with in Illustrator than they are in Photoshop. This tutorial from Abduzeedo demonstrates how to use scatter brushes to create a stunning type treatment.

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  • Illustrator Tutorial: Drawing a Piano Keyboard

    Sometimes all you have to do to create a nice illustration is to position the right shapes in the right places. This tutorial from our friends at Vector Diary shows how to draw a piano keyboard using rectangles, grids, and transformation effects.

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  • Metal Lightning Bolt & Vector Leather! Illustrator Tutorial

    What's cooler than leather, metal, and lightning bolts? This tutorial from TUTVID shows how to create a nice metal lightning bold set of a sheet of vector leather. This tutorial demonstrates many of Illustrators advanced features such as live trace, masking, the magic wand tool, and even the flare tool of all things.

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  • Free Vectors - 28 Halftone Vectors (Clean & Grunge Versions)

    Vector halftones are always useful when it comes to adding interest and depth to your designs. This set of 28 vector halftones by Think Design will make a great addition to your design arsenal and includes a set of clean and grungy versions.

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  • Free Vector Graphics Pack - Doodles and Sketches

    This set of doodles and sketches from Spoon Graphics features some quick and dirty hand drawn elements for you to download and use in your designs. This pack comprises a range of random pieces, including leaves, drops, bolts, arrows, hearts and textures.

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  • Free Vector and Pixel Repeat Patterns - Easter Theme Set 1

    This set of 3 Easter themed vector patterns from Pattern Head includes Easter bunnies, eggs, baskets, and chicks and will make a great addition to your Easter designs.

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  • Free Vector and Pixel Repeat Patterns - Funky Squares Set 1

    Vector patterns are very flexible in how they can be used. This set of 3 geometric seamless vector patterns from Pattern Head is great for adding interesting backgrounds to your designs and can be downloaded for free.

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  • 33 More Paint Brush Style Illustrator Brushes

    You never can have enough paint brush style Illustrator brushes. I created this set of brushes because so many people contacted me asking me for more. So download this set of brushes and use them in your designs.

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  • 40 Excellent Logos Created with Helvetica

    Helvetica is the most widely used and most recognizable font ever. This excellent post from Web Designer Depot showcases 40 excellent and widely recognizable logos from a wide range of industries using this legendary typeface.

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  • Client Nightmares

    Every designer has a nightmare story of a client who gave them a hard time, never paid, or even threatened a lawsuit and possibly injury. This article from CMD Shift Design shares some horror stories from designers who had clients who stuck them with a bill.

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  • 10 Things They Don’t Teach You in Design School

    Design school will teach you a lot about art and design. In some cases however it doesn’t teach you everything you need to know to prepare yourself for the realities of the workplace. This article from Design River gives some helpful tips to prepare you for what might be waiting for you in the real world.

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  • Interview with Mitch Breitweiser

    This article from Art Bistro with Mitch Breitweiser, the guy who draws Captain America for Marvel Comics might not be vector related, but it gives quite a bit of insight into the world of a professional comic book artist and what it takes to work at that level.

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  • 4 Principles of Good Design for Websites

    This article from My Ink Blog discusses the 4 principles of good design for websites that include contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity and how those principles can be adapted to make your design cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing.

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