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Best of the Web - March 2009


This month had a perfect blend of inspiration, and information. On the inspirational side we look at DepthCore's new chapter of designs for up to 50 stunning visual masterpieces. On the informational side we featured 8 great tutorials that focus on a lot of different techniques for the Photoshop enthusiasts out there. On top of all that, we have our monthly roundup of freebie's. So check out this Best of March!

Tutorial Wrap

  • Drawing a Classy 3D Poker Chip

    Fredrico from Tutorial9 brings us an 11 step tutorial on creating multi-colored 3D Poker chips. The techniques used are fairly simple so most people would be able to achieve a similar
    final product. The most interesting thing about this tutorial is the use of common Photoshop tools and brushes to make the poker chip realistic. This is a very inviting tutorial especially for the newcomers so check it out.

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  • Carlos Cabrera's 12 Video & PDF Painting Tutorials

    Now I was amazed at how much free tutorial work Carlos was giving away to the people who visit his website. Carlos gives us 12 amazing video and PDF file tutorials that show how he created some of his astounding digital paintings. The videos also focus on important aspects of painting like using custom brushes, or painting different elements. Just remember that this is all free! So check it out.

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  • Gooey Text Tutorial

    Here we have a text tutorial that consists of taking a normal default font like Avant Grade, and then using the Pen Tool, Layer Styles, and textures to make it look three-dimensional and gooey. This is another very easy tutorial with a decent result, so check it out.

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  • Using Type as a Creative Effect

    This tutorial is one for all the typography lovers out there. The designer creates a dark looking skull that consists only of text. You will learn how to use the distort tool to warp text and to make it fit your needs. This tutorial is a bit more advanced than the last one, so you will need to have some formal knowledge of

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  • Painting a Stunning Futuristic Scene in Photoshop

    From the beginning I will say this is not the most detailed tutorial, and unless you know a good
    amount about digital painting you wont get a lot from it. But I have to say this is still a very interesting look on how professional
    digital painters create their work. The designer takes you through all the steps of painting this futuristic scene, from taking his own
    reference photographs to adding small clouds and lightning in the background.

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  • Create a Windy Sunset Illustration

    This tutorial was inspired by Asian art, mainly Japanese. Alex states that he does not want to create traditional
    Japanese art, he wants to redefine it and modernize it. Although he states you will need a tablet to do this tutorial, you can always pull these designs off by hand. We also are given examples of Asian art to show us the customary look and feel of it. The techniques are fairly easy and the result looks beautiful, so check this one out.

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  • Gunshot Through Glass Tutorial

    Only using 2 simple stocks you can create this awesome image of a person shattering glass by shooting at it. This is a nice 6 page tutorial that focuses on all sorts of adjustments to get your image looking just right. This is a very cool tutorial packed with a lot of easy techniques that result in an outstanding final product.

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  • Creating Modern Eve

    Modern Eve is an eerie photo manipulation that shows off a lot of professional techniques. The design was originally made for a contest but then it was turned into a tutorial. This tutorial you will show you a great way of blending stocks and some nice finishing touches to have your final product looking at its best.

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(FREE!) Download Picks

  • Smashing Freebies for Designers and Bloggers

    This is a very cool set of freebies that covers everyone's needs. First there is a web developers icon set consisting of 34 realistic looking icons that range from RSS Feeds to your Mail. Secondly, we are given a free Wordpress theme for the bloggers. It has a very stylish
    black, red and white design that is light on the eyes but will still attract viewers. And lastly we have another icon set consisting of coffee cups with different images on them, from Flickr to Twitter, everything is there. So check this
    awesome set out.

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  • 35 Gorgeous Black Wallpapers

    If you are like me and like simple, black wallpapers then you are in luck. This freebie consist of 35 gorgeous simple black wallpapers for your desktop. A good wallpaper can do a lot for you, so I suggest you look through them. The designs vary, everything from a stylish
    Mac icon to a cool 3D render. Its time to change your wallpaper - check this freebie out.

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  • Vector Doodle and Sketch Pack

    This is a very nice and simple set of hand drawn vector sketches and doodles that you can apply to almost all types of
    Photoshop work. With around 15 different doodles covering all sorts of areas you can
    definitely put these to use. One way of putting these doodles to work is by trying them out in this tutorial that is specifically made to show what you can do with hand drawn doodles.

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  • Leather Texture

    This freebie is part of Bittbox's Texture Tuesdays where they feature a new set of textures every week. This weeks texture was leather, download this pack instantly because eventually they will come in handy. There is a nice wide variety of 5 different types of leather textures that can be used in a lot of places.

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  • Money Icon Pack

    Here we are given a cool icon set that revolves around money. 6 high quality icons are each 256 pixels by 256 pixels so they are nice and big. Download this pack and use them in your next project.

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  • Banners and Frames

    This vector freebie is a set of Banners and Frames. They all have a nice tropical, and floral feel to them. With each being made up of bamboo sticks and flowers. These vectors are very well made and can be used to
    advertise something or for personal commercial projects.

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  • 10 Free Stock Images from DeviantArt

    Like the author of this post says, "DeviantArt can be a designers best friend." This is very true, I can not remember the last time I did not go to DeviantArt for some inspiration or to find brushes, stocks, and tutorials. The author has narrowed down 10 great stocks that are worth your time, and that can be used in your designs for free.

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  • Doodled Tree Brush

    For our last freebie of the month, we have a pack of 6 hand drawn Tree Brushes. Although they are originally black and white the author gives us a look at what they can look like with color on them in the preview. They are high resolution and very versatile, so download them and try using a couple in your next design.

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Article Wrap

  • How to Use Icons To Support Web Content

    This informational article is perfect because we just featured a bunch of awesome icons in the Freebie section. The author goes through tons of examples on how to properly use icons to direct the viewer to a specific area of the webpage, or to keep readers engaged when reading very long
    amount of content. This is a must read article if you have a webpage.

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  • Artistic Web Design Found on DeviantArt

    This roundup features some great web design by various artists on DeviantArt. This is a great source of inspiration if you are a web designer, there is a wide variety of web designs featuring amazing techniques that all artists can appreciate.

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  • Must Read Articles for Your Freelance Business

    If you are a freelance designer then this is a must read for you. Every artist that becomes a freelancer wants to grow and attract more clients. This article features a massive 28 articles on different area's of the freelance world, from your tools to the legal side of things, everything is covered in these 28 articles.

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  • Whipping Your Portfolio into Shape with Coroflot Traffic Stats

    This article features a nice strategy that is used among some designers. The strategy is using the Coroloft Traffic Stats to see the reception you are getting on your portfolio. This way you can mess with different designs and layouts for your portfolio and then with the stats you can see what drives more traffic to your page.

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  • Depthcore Pack Heist, and Interview

    Almost all the designers know about the Depthcore community that features chapters of breathtaking designs from artists all around the world. Well their latest pack is called Heist and they have 50 designs and 8 audio tracks all under one theme. This is one of the best sources of inspiration you can find on the net. Along with the designs comes an interview, for this pack they interviewed designer Phil Dunne.

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  • Best Way to Display Your Blog Posts

    This is a very important read for blog owners, you want to keep your post display easy on the eyes but have it drag the viewer in with something distinct. This article features some of the best blogs on the net and explains what they are doing right in terms of their post display. Psdtuts+ is also featured in this article, so we want to say thank you for that.

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  • Top 5 Resources for Vintage Art

    And lastly we have the top 5 places a designer can find vintage art. The author of this article finds the 5 best places you can get your hands on some old-school art. The most interesting place is a Google archive created by LIFE, you can find a large number of historic photographs in this archive.

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