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When it comes to content, June is just like every other month with tons of fantastic content to choose from. There are literally hours of 3D, typographic, and photo manipulation tutorials to work on; as well as some awesome freebies, high resolution wallpapers, textures, and fonts to wet your appetites. To wrap things up, take a look at some of the amazing inspirational and informative articles that cover a wide variety of topics.

Tutorial Wrap

  • Layer Effects Explained

    The author of this tutorial will explain how to put your own twist on creating a high fashion magazine cover. This tutorial covers the basic aspects of masking and layer effects but these simple tricks are extremely useful for any designer so this is a great tutorial to check out. The result looks very high quality and the lessons learned can be applied to a lot of other projects.

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  • 3D Composition Using Sketching Techniques

    Here we have a tutorial for our 3D composition fans, this tutorial covers creating a 3D figure and giving it some added shattering effects. Once you have done that you will learn how to bring it into Photoshop and then add some sketching effects to it. This is a good overall tutorial for those who enjoy working with 3D programs.

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  • Drawing a T-Shirt in Photoshop

    This is a very cool tutorial because it explains how to make a realistic looking T-Shirt from scratch in Photoshop. This can be adapted into an icon and customized with any design of your choice so the
    possibilities are endless once you start messing around with it. This is a great
    beginners tutorial because it shows some basic techniques.

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  • Creating 3D Graffiti Text

    We will now look at a cool typographic tutorial that focuses on taking your graffiti doodles from paper into Photoshop. The author will show you how to clean up your doodles and add some vibrant colors and scenery into your art. This is a great tutorial for those who enjoy typography, so if you are one of those people be sure to check this
    quality tutorial out.

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  • Creating a Stunning Gallery Print

    This tutorial focuses on printing your art as well as creating it which is an interesting take on a tutorial. The author explains what exactly you need to print out your art in terms of correct quality of images; the he goes into the creation of an interesting illustration that utilizes a bunch of different stocks. This is a great quality tutorial that everyone should try out.

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  • Simple Underwater Scene

    Our last tutorial is a fairly simple one that gives off some very cool effects. The author shows you how to create an underwater scene using a brush set and nothing else but the basic tools of Photoshop. This is a great
    beginners tutorial because it focuses on a lot of the important aspects of Photoshop. so if you think you'd like to try out this design then check out the tutorial.

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(FREE!) Download Picks

  • Collection of Rust Textures

    Rust textures can give any illustration a nice dark and grungy look, they are valuable when used correctly and this post gives us 50+ high quality rust textures. So if you are in need of some make sure to look through this pack and download the best ones.

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  • Fresh Free Fonts

    Our next freebie is a set of fresh free fonts from Abduzeedo. This pack contains 4 very cool fonts covering 4 very different typographic styles. So check them out and add them to your font folder because
    you'll eventually use them.

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  • Professional Clean Fonts

    This font collection focuses on the most professional and classy looking fonts. This pack gives us 35 of the nicest looking fonts, you will probably have seen some of them but the rest are very clean and can be used in many different ways so be sure to check this pack out.

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  • 88 Amazing iPad Wallpapers

    If you have purchased an iPad then you are probably in need of an awesome wallpaper, so check this post out because it rounds up 88 amazing wallpapers that will definitely spice up your desktop. And if you see something you like but don’t have an iPad just check InstantShifts' post about the best desktop wallpapers and have some fun with it.

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  • Sumeco Wallpaper

    For those without an iPad who are in need of a wallpaper don't worry because we've got you covered. Abduzeedo featured an awesome wallpaper created by designer Theo Aartsma. Check it out, it comes in pretty much every resolution you can possibly think of so if you like it you can use it on whatever device you want.

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  • Wood Textures

    Our last freebie of the month is a great set of 5 high quality wood textures. If the grungy rust didn't do it for you, then check out these smooth as well as rough wood textures. They are high quality so you wont be let down if you check them out.

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  • 5 Goals To Strive for With Every Site You Design

    This article focuses on those who design websites and gives 5 great goals that you should strive for with every project. The goals range from creating user friendly sites to creating sites that a client can appreciate.

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  • Telling a Client "No"

    There will be instances in a designer's life where he will have to disagree with his client and say No to a prospective idea. This article shows you how to do it in the best way possible so you don't lose your job and keep everyone happy.

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  • SlashTHREE Art pack

    This is not an article but rather a piece of inspiration that is bound to get some ideas stirring in every designer's head after viewing some of the illustrations included in SlashTHREE's latest art pack. The circus theme brings forth a lot of color and imaginative imagery. This is a must see for everyone because of the great illustrations compiled in this post.

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  • Taking Photoshop's Curves Beyond Highlights and Shadows

    This interesting article focuses on more uses for Photoshop's Curves tool. This can be a
    powerful tool when used correctly and the article explains how you can utilize the tool to your full advantage. If you are a designer who uses the Curves tool often then you have to read this because it opens up a well of
    possibilities when using Curves.

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  • 10 Useful iPhone Apps for Designers

    Designers that have iPhones should read this article and then proceed to getting a few of these useful iPhone applications. This article rounds up 10 of the best apps for a designer; some apps range from a Mobile Photoshop app, too a Font identifier. Make sure to check out all these cool apps if you are an owner of an iPhone.

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