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Each month we round up some of the best vector content on the web and post it here for everyone to enjoy. This month we had a lot of fun identifying the best vector tutorials, freebies, and articles. Please take a moment and review some of the best vector content from around the web for the month of June.

Tutorial Wrap

  • Create a Realistic Candy Bar in Illustrator

    Photo-realism in Illustrator can be a difficult goal to achieve. This tutorial from Web Designer Depot will guide you through the process of creating a photo-realistic candy bar in Illustrator.

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  • Creating an Amazing Palm Pre Icon in Fireworks

    If you follow technology, you my have heard of the Palm Pre. The Palm Pre is an awesome new gadget that hopes to compete with the iPhone. This tutorial from Abduzeedo demonstrates how to mockup the Palm Pre in Adobe Fireworks.

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  • Create a Cute Furry Vector Monster in Illustrator

    Character creation can be one of the most satisfying uses of Adobe Illustrator. This tutorial from Spoon Graphics guides us through the process of creating a cute, furry monster in Illustrator.

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  • Turn Any Font into a Sketch Font

    There are a lot of sketchy fonts out there. Some of those fonts are free, others are not. Save yourself the trouble of tracking down your favorite sketch font and just create one out of your favorite font for free. This tutorial from Vectips demonstrates how to turn any font into a sketch font.

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  • Perfect Silhouette with Live Trace

    Drawing a silhouette with Adobe Illustrator’s pen tool can be a long and painful process. This tutorial from Vector Diary shows how to create vector silhouettes with ease using Illustrator’s Live Trace tool.

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  • A Comprehensive Guide to Illustrator’s Live Trace Tool and More

    Speaking of Illustrator’s Live Trace tool. Check out this article by Kevin Kirsche on my website that explains the functions of Illustrator’s Live Trace tool in detail. This tutorial also compares the features of Illustrator’s Live Trace to some of the other tracing tools available on the Internet.

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(FREE!) Download Picks

  • Stylized Clouds 1

    Seamless patterns are excellent tools to have in your arsenal. They are great to have to add a bit of interest to an otherwise boring background. This beautifully unique set of stylized vector clouds from Pattern Head will make a wonderful addition to your graphic design arsenal.

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  • Floral Curves

    Everyone loves floral curves right? This set of vector floral curves from Vector Diary is fantastic! Use this set of floral curves to spice up your backgrounds, add interest to part of your design, or to create a cool background.

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  • 15 Paint Brushstroke Illustrator Brushes

    Ever wondered how to create photo realistic brush strokes in Adobe Illustrator? It’s actually not that difficult. This set of 15 paintbrush strokes for Adobe Illustrator is fantastic and a lot of fun to play with. Download it and give it a try.

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  • Free Cuties

    Mascots and cartoon characters can make excellent additions to your web designs. This uber cute freebie from Pehaa includes three characters that can be used in your children’s illustrations or designs. Go cute and download this fantastic set of children’s characters.

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Vector Inspiration

  • 100 Inspiring Character Designs

    Need some inspiration for your latest character design project? Check out this fantastic round up of character designs from Design Blurb. With over 100 inspiring designs you should have no problem coming up with a unique idea of your own!

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  • Vector Backgrounds in Web Design: Examples and Best Practices

    You may have noticed that a lot of websites are now using intricate vector backgrounds to make their designs a bit more interesting. This article from Web Air shows examples and describes some best practices for using vector backgrounds in your web designs.

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  • 15 Cute Vector Scenes

    There is no shortage of cute vector art on the Internet. This round up from Graphic Mania shows 15 examples of some of the cutest vector scenes out there. Take a look at this excellent round up if you’re in the market for some inspiration for your next cute project.

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  • Vector Inspiration

    Illustrator, artist, and frequent Vectortuts+ contributor Ryan Putnam from Vectips always does a great job of identifying stunning vector artwork on his blog. Check out his round up from earlier this month for some fantastic vector inspiration.

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  • Creative Process of Maxime's Quoilin Final Year Project

    While not entirely vector, this article from Abduzeedo details the process behind the creation of a fictional brand of bottled (or canned) water by graphic designer Maxime Quoilin.

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