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Best of the Web - June

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There are great Photoshop tutorials, design articles, and freebies across the web this month. We've got some big changes coming with Plus soon. Collis gives a sneak peek at some of these changes in an interview. Also, the AudioJungle Wallpaper Contest is wrapping up. We should have the winners announced before the end of the week. Let's check out the best of this month across the web!

Tutorial Wrap

  • Sleek Phone Advertisement Flyer

    Constantin wrote a great tutorial on creating a Phone Advertisement. It's a great design, a well-written lengthy tutorial, and really worth checking out. The style is digital and sleek. We also released a phone ad design tutorial from ViniMan titled Create a Mobile Phone Ad Design.

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  • Add a Fresh Splash to your Design

    Tyler wrote a great tutorial on creating creating a drink ad design. We also released a drink ad design tutorial from Alex as well titled Create an Energy Drink Ad Design. It's crazy how similar the colors and topics are in these tuts, even though they were developed independently. They are both worth reading and trying out, as they employ different techniques.

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  • Super Cool Frilly Bits Typography

    I love the term "Frilly Bits" ever since I heard it on a Boagworld podcast. It's a funny way to describe ornamental design elements and flourishes. This tutorial over at Abduzeedo shows how to add these design elements to lettering to create a playful typographic design.

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  • Adding Depth With Shadows

    This tutorial shows you a useful and versatile technique for adding shadows to your artwork. It walks you through making your designs appear to be be pictures, with a controllable shadow behind the design. Your able to stack these images as well.

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  • Lighting Effects in Photoshop

    Learn how to get creative with adding lighting and light effects to your images in Photoshop. It shows way to compliment your image and create a design. Layer masks and opacities are used to create the composition and techniques for jazzing up the image are shown.

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(FREE!) Download Picks

  • 75 Insane High Res Photoshop Brushes

    This post is a huge collection of Photoshop Brushes. Many of the brushes featured here are free. All these brushes are high resolution. The author has done a good job of amassing this high quality collection.

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  • Tags Brushes 6

    Just in case you didn't get enough brushes from the post above, my pick for this month is a brush made up of Graffiti tags. Head on over to Brusheezy to download this cool free Photoshop brush.

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  • Vector Freebie: Circuitry

    The gang over at GoMedia has been on a tear with freebie releases recently. This one is a group of circuit boards. If you have a design that needs a high-tech feel added to it, then this will help you out.

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  • BB Free Font: Fusty Saddle

    New free font from Bittbox. Here is a quote from the site, "I hand drew every character on paper before tweaking them on screen. The font contains A through Z and 0 through 9. In case you’re wondering what ‘fusty’ is, it means 'Old fashioned in attitude or style' It was a fun font to make, and I hope you all put it to good use."

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Article Wrap

  • 25 Beautiful Fantasy Photoshop Tutorials

    This article is a collection of Photoshop tutorials based on a Fantasy theme. Following is the description from the post, "Howdie, here’s another great collection of fantasy photoshop tutorials. They are hard to find and kinda rare (especially the good ones!)… So I selected 25 of them, some great, some not so great. Decide for yourself… If you know of any other good fantasy tuts, let me know so I can add them to the list."

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  • Inspiration, The beauty of 3d typography

    I love 3D typography. This article is a collection of great 3D type images. There are also links to a handful of tutorials on the subject. There are some images here I hadn't seen before. The post is worth checking out.

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  • Interview with Collis Ta’eed

    There is a great interview Collis recently did. He discusses the humble beginnings of Eden and the various sites in the Tuts family and other sites as well. Of special interest is the discussion of the coming TUTSPLUS site. Collis mentions, "a unified membership system, a high paying affiliate program for other sites to benefit from memberships, and better plus facilities."

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  • 40+ Killer Typographic Posters, Photoshop Effects and Tutorials

    We've got another typography based roundup article you should check out. Here is a quote from the introduction, "Today we’re going to take a look at 40 stunning typographic posters, along with step-by-step Photoshop tutorials which can enrich your design skills and improve the quality of your works."

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