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This month was packed with some awesome resources, tutorials, and articles. You'll see everything from skull patterns to vector resources that can help an artist convert there art into something more interesting. We also have this month's best tutorials on things like icon design, text effects, and web layouts. And finally we have four great articles including free wallpaper, photography, and communities.

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  • Hell Text Tutorial

    Amazing font work or great typography skills can liven up any piece of art. This is a great skill to learn. And this tutorial is a great start for people who want to enhance their fonts. You can see how Fabio turns a plain font from 2D to 3D and then add incredible effects to it, which make it look like it came from the depths of hell. If you want to learn more about text effects visit Psdtuts+ Text Effects Tutorials.

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  • Seamless Compositing in Photoshop

    Digital Arts has a great compositing tutorial this month. "Learn how to fake unbelievable fantasy images, like this giant warrior lizard, using some clever Photoshop trickery."

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  • Electronic Torch Light Icon

    Icon design is a hard technique to master because of the heavy detail you have to put into making your icon looking realistic. This tutorial walks you through every step in making a cool looking and realistic flashlight icon that you can use on your desktop as your own icon. If you are interested in other icon tutorials visit tutorials like Moniter Icon Tutorial or Jaguar Style Folder Icon.

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  • 3D Pixel Stretch Tutorial

    Tutorial9 brings us this creative tutorial on how to turn normal pictures into 3d art. If you are interested in learning new Photoshop tricks, then you should defiantly read this tutorial. The design is a pixel stretch and this is very original and can be used in any type of art.

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  • Clean Business Layout

    If you are new to creating website templates then this is defiantly the tutorial for you. The author gives very simple instructions on how to create a very business like and professional looking template that can be applied to every type of business. You will learn how small details can take your template to the next level. If you are interested in other template tutorials you should visit Psdtuts+ Interface Tutorials.

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(FREE!) Download Picks

  • Skull Pattern

    This is a very cool skull pattern made fully from skull vectors. It can be used for things like patterns or you can even make yourself a wallpaper with it by adjusting its colors to your liking.

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  • Free High-Res Photoshop Brushes: Grungy Watercolor

    This month theer are some large high-quality watercolor brushes are available over at Bittbox. They are made from watery india ink brush patterns.

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  • Comet Brushes

    If you are into making fantasy space artwork, then these will defiantly be useful. These are some nice comet brushes that should help any piece of art look good.

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  • Burnt Negatives Brush

    Now here is a very original brush that you don't see often. Its burnt photo negatives and they give off a nice grungy effect that will be useful if you are going in that direction with your art.

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  • Brush Stroke Grunge Brush Set

    Set of grunge brushes from Qbrushes. You just can't get enough variety of grunge brushes for your Photoshop work. "Made with thick black poster colors. Just great for those pieces needing brush strokes with hard bristles. 20 brushes in this set with an average site of 500 to 900px."

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  • 13 Great Photoshop Wallpapers

    What we have here is a great set of Photoshop made wallpapers. They all are varied in design and professionally made. They look absolutely beautiful. If you've never come across this resource before, it's a must see. Follow the link below.

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  • 40+ Extremely Beautiful Icon Sets

    If your desktop is looking a little bit bland and boring then you defiantly need to either switch up your wallpaper or your icons. If your icons need switching then this is where to find new ones. Over 40 sets of great professionally made icons hand picked from Deviant Art.

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  • 70 Beauty Retouching Tutorials

    If you wanted to retouch a red eye in a photo, or a mark on your face, then these tutorials are exactly for you. There are 70 great tutorials on how to beautify yourself or anyone else's image using Photoshop.

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  • Vivid Imagery In Modern Web Design

    This article is on vivid imagery and how artists use it to draw attention to certain parts of their art. There are tons of examples on how and why it is constantly being used in everyone's digital art.

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  • slashTHREE

    This isn't an article, but it's a high quality community. I pointed to some of the artwork from this site in this post 10 Techniques That are Essential For Successful Photo Manipulation Artwork. It's a great community for Photoshop artists to get involved in. Also, it's free to register and participate.

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