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Best of the Web - January 2010

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The first month of the new year has wrapped up and there was a ton of great content for all the Photoshop Fans. This month was bursting with tons of freebies that the readers could check out and download, for example this month we are featuring some great free font packs, as well as some great 2010 wallpaper packs. On top of that we have some great high quality tutorials that deal with some very interesting 3D techniques. So lets get into this wrap up of January 2010.

Tutorial Wrap

  • Creating a Surreal Desert Scene

    Our first tutorial of the new year is already an amazing photo manipulation tutorial. This one will teach you how to blend a very cool scene using some interesting stocks you can find on DeviantArt. The artist does a good job of showing the readers how to perfectly blend different stocks into one cohesive whole. So this is a must check out for everyone interested in manips.

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  • Creating High Impact Light Effects

    Lighting is a very important part of creating an illustration, and this tutorial will stress that fact. The author shows you how to create an abstract piece using various stocks and other basic photoshop tools and filters. The final result is very attractive and these techniques could be applied to a lot of different things, so take some time and try this one out.

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  • Simple HDR Technique

    HDR Photography has seen is popularity grow tremendously over the past couple of years, and this tutorial will show you how to take a normal photo and using Photoshop turn it into a very cool looking HDR photo. At the start of the tutorial the reader will be introduced to a new Beta Program for free from Photoshop, so check it out and try to create some HDR effects on your photos.

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  • Creating A Stunning 3D liquid Explosion Illustration

    This is a very unique tutorial that i recommend to every artist that is interested in creating 3D art and mixing it with Photoshop. The author of this tutorial will introduce you to a new program named "Poser" which creates and "poses" 3D humans. The tutorial will then shift to photoshop where you will mix your 3D figure with various stocks to give it the look of an explosion. Once again a highly recommended tutorial for all the designers.

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  • Creating an Abstract Fan Poster

    Triangles as well as the Omega Code were big in '09. This tutorial will show you how one of those Omega Code posters was made, the tutorial uses some very simple photoshop techniques mixing the Omega Code logo with various background elements. This is a simple tutorial with a very nice final result so this is another one to check out and try.

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  • Creating a Torn Photo Effect

    This is a very simple tutorial for the people who are just starting up with Photoshop. The final result has a great realistic look and that is why it is featured here. The tutorial will show you how to take various stock photos of paper and apply them to a single photo to give it a torn photo effect. So if this effect is something you like then please check it out.

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(FREE!) Download Picks

  • Vector Icon Pack

    The first freebie of the year is a very good one, this pack has 15 very realistic glass icons. This pack contains icons like a magnifying glass, and an RSS icon. This is a very clean icon pack that everyone should download.

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  • Fresh Free Fonts

    For those of you looking to improve your typographic skills then this is your tutorial. This freebie pack contains a set of 4 very clean fonts that are definitely going to be added to your collection once you see them. The 4 fonts range from various styles whether your looking for a thick font or a skinny one, you are covered.

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  • Concrete Textures

    Texture Tuesdays from Bittbox brings us another great texture pack. This week we are given another high quality pack that features different types of concrete textures. Not much else to say about this aside from them being very useful to all designers to give their work a nice rough look, so check it out.

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  • Cool 2010 Wallpaper

    Our next featured freebie is a great wallpaper created by designer Elena Savitskaya. This wallpapers features some interesting visuals with some great colors that will be perfect for anyone's desktop. So make sure to check it out and if you like it download it and set it as your new wallpaper.

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  • 25 Design Freebies From Various Blogs

    This is a great freebie roundup. This roundup features tons of great things like brushes, fonts, and wallpapers from blogs that everyone should be reading. So make sure to go through all these freebies and check out all the great blogs features as well.

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  • Fabric Social Media Icons

    Our last freebie is a great unique font pack. This pack features 25 fabric made social media icons. The pack features icons from popular sites like Facebook, YouTube, as well as Digg, and Yahoo. All of the important websites are covered in this pack, so give this a download if this is something you like.

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Article Wrap

  • 10 Tips Designers on Twitter

    Twitter was another thing that took off in 2009, and a lot of designers as well as everyone else took to it. So this first article we are featuring will show designers how to take advantage of Twitter and find work as well as sharing techniques and more.

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  • 60 Essential Web Apps for Freelance Web Designers

    This article states that freelance artists have a tendency to use a lot of web apps. So the author gives us a massive amount of helpful web apps. These apps are broken down into 13 different categories ranging from Invoicing, Payment, and Social Networking. So if you are a freelancing designer who uses web apps then this is a must read for you.

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  • 5 Simple tips for Improving the Designer Client Relationship

    The designer client relationship isn't always going to be smooth. Any designer is bound to eventually get someone who is hard to work with, so this article shows you how to get out of a difficult situation with a client by using some very simple techniques. Talking things out as well as putting your ego to the side might save your relationship and help you continue your job with this difficult client.

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  • The Simplicity of Helvetica

    Helvetica will always be a timeless font that can be used in almost all types of situations. This article gives a nice look into the creation of the font as well as its uses all around us. From movies, to popular stores, to even tattoos. If you are interested in typography then this is a great read.

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  • How to Organize and Manage your Freelance Business

    The last article we will feature this month will focus on organizing and managing your freelance business. The author gives 12 very interesting points on how to make your business run a lot smoother. So if you are a freelance designer make sure to read this very informative article because there will be something you can learn from this article.

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