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Gangs of ninjas couldn't stop the design community from starting 2009 with a bang! As you know, each month I round up some of the best vector content from around the web; this month, there was no shortage of quality content to choose from. In fact, I had quite a bit of trouble choosing between some of the best articles. If January was any indication of the quality content that 2009 has in store for us than 2009 should be a good year for us all.

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  • Create a Gang of Vector Ninjas

    Spoon Graphics proves that the best way to drive traffic to your site is to use the word 'ninja' somewhere in your headline. In this tutorial, Spoon Graphics shows how to create a really cute gang of ninjas in Illustrator.

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  • Illustrator Diamond Flower

    I've always been kind of fascinated with vector flower patterns. If you share my fascination than this really cool tutorial from Veerle will be of interest to you. In the tutorial she shows us how to create a really cool vector flower using a variety of shapes, colors and transparency modes.

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  • Making of an Abstract Artwork

    This tutorial from Design Blurb walks us through the process of creating an abstract design in Illustrator using the live paint bucket tool in Illustrator CS4. The same basic principles can be used in many aspects of illustration and can be very helpful to learn.

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  • How to Create a Quilt Block

    Have you ever tried to create symmetrical patterns in Illustrator? This very cool and useful tutorial from Vector Diary shows us how to create a symmetrical quilt block using a single rectangle and the live paint bucket tool.

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  • Quick Tip: Editing a Pattern

    Pattern swatches in Illustrator are very powerful tools that can be used in a variety of ways. Great pattern swatches can be found all over the Internet but have you ever come across one that you really loved but just wished you could change a little bit? This tutorial from Transfuchian shows us how.

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  • Selecting All Artwork in An Active Artboard

    If you're an Illustrator CS4 user and are just now getting used to the multiple artboards feature available in the new version, you may find this quick tip on how to select all the artwork in just one artboard helpful.

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  • Free Vector Repeat Pattern - Gothic Mono

    This month there were a lot of free patterns released on a lot of websites. I guess you could say a 'pattern' is developing here. This month Pattern Head released some really cool seamless patterns. Gothic Mono was one of my favorites.

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  • 53 Impressive Polka Dot Pattern Swatches

    Polka dots are very simple yet effective design elements. They have a ton of uses from stationary to fashion design. This set of polka dot swatches that I designed will make a great addition to your design arsenal.

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  • Hand Drawn Vector Eyeball Freebie

    This month, the guys over at Go Media took a break from drawing skulls just long enough to release some really cool hand drawn vector eyeballs by Illustrator Rich Nosworthy. Check out this really great set of eyeballs and add them to your collection.

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  • 10 Free Valentine’s Day Vector Symbols

    There are two ways to look at Valentine's Day; you either love it or hate it. Either way, we all have to deal with it in one way or another. As designers, we frequently deal with this holiday by designing graphics for whatever seasonal project that we're working on. Rob Barrett, produced a really nice set of Valentine's day symbols for us to help make this holiday better for us all.

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  • Extreme Sports Vectors

    This set of extreme sports vectors by Think Design contains 4 illustrations of sketchy drawings of people skateboarding, snowboarding, and freestyle BMXing. These illustrations could easily be used in just about any kind of design where extreme sports graphics are needed.

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  • Designing Through the Recession

    During a recession, a lot of people will give you advice on how to react. In this article on the Design Observer, Michael Bierut shares his vast experience on designing through a recession.

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  • The Freelance Mix: Balancing Time, Money, and Results

    Choosing how to allocate your resources can frequently make the difference between making money or not. This article from Freelance Folder explains how freelancers can find a balance between running their businesses, managing their resources and doing client work.

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  • Advice For Design Students

    If you're a design student, it's likely that you have a lot of questions about how to establish yourself in the industry. This article from Just Creative Design provides a wealth of advice from both student designers and professionals.

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  • 10 Cool Tweeple in the Design Community

    It probably wouldn't be a stretch to call me a Twitter fanatic. If you're a member of Twitter, you've probably noticed what an incredible communication tool it is and how active the design community is. If you're looking for some great people to follow on Twitter, check out this article on My Ink Blog.

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  • The Making of the TweetBacks Logo

    I was really impressed with this article from Go Media. In the article they walk us through the creative process and explain they created a high quality logo design for Tweetbacks under an oppressive timeline.

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