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Best of the Web - January


With a new year comes new tutorials, freebies and amazing inspirational articles; and the first month of the new year certainly didn't disappoint. This month we have a great article on the Best Rolling Stones magazine covers, as well as a tutorial on how to mix 3D elements with both Photoshop and Illustrator. So let's get into another roundup!

Tutorial Wrap

  • Create a Furious Pink Panther

    This is a tutorial for an amazing t-shirt. It takes a modern twist on the old Pink Panther, the artist uses some simple stocks and combines them to make a great vibrant design.

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  • Merge 3D With Photoshop & Illustrator

    Here we have a very cool tutorial, this one shows you how to make a 3D render and then edit it in
    Photoshop as well as Illustrator. The author explains some great composition skills that he used to create this high tech winter scene.

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  • Photo Strip Tutorial

    This tutorial shows you how to re-create the iLife package logo. It is a very simple tutorial that helps you create a very professional looking illustration.

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  • Business Card Design

    Here we have a great tutorial that shows you how to create a very clean and professional looking
    business card. If you are looking to create some business cards for yourself, then check out this tutorial.

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  • 60+ Retro and Pop Styled Tutorials

    This is an amazing round-up focused on the best Retro and Pop Styled designs on the net. All of these tutorials are informative and give off some good looking final products.

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  • Creating a Customized Product and Label

    This tutorial shows you how to create a vector product, and then create a good logo for it that would match with the product.

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  • 60 Most Wanted Tutorials, PSD's, and Resources

    Another great roundup, here we have the 60 most wanted tutorials, resources, and brushes. Every designer should check this one out,
    a lot of great resources and other sources of inspiration.

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  • Photoshop Brush Destroyed Heraldry

    This is a free high-resolution pack of brushes. The pack has destroyed heraldry brushes, they are all 2500px, so this is a must download for all.

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  • Fingerprint Brushes

    Here we have another brush pack, this one is filled with great fingerprint brushes. They will give a nice unique look to all types of art. So check this out.

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  • Flavours Icon Set

    This is a great simple icon pack, it has icons for twitter, RSS feeds, and various other cool looking icons.

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  • Flickr Texture Archive

    The guys at Bittbox compiled some great free stocks and loaded them all into a
    Flickr group. Every designer should check this out.

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  • Free Wordpress Theme

    This is an awesome freebie, Crazyleafdesign featured a professionally made wordpress theme. If you have an
    account then you should definitely download this amazing theme.

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  • Watercolor Textures

    This is the 5th part of Outlaw Design's watercolor textures. They are great and
    colorful so everyone should download all of their packs.

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  • Beauty of Urban Decay

    This is a compilation of some amazing photographs of urban parts of the city. Every designer should check this out because some of the photographs are just amazing and inspirational.

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Article Wrap

  • 5 Complimentary Skills to Graphic Design

    Here is a great informative article showing you 5 extra skills that would help to make you a well rounded designer.

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  • Best Rolling Stone Magazine Covers

    This is one-third of an article written by the guys at Inspiredology. They feature the best Rolling Stone magazine covers over the years. This is a great source for inspiration, so check it out.

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  • Current Web Design Trends

    This is another informative article showing the current design trends of 2009. Some interesting trends are featured here. So check it out.

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  • Advice for Graphic Design Students

    If you are currently enrolled in design school, or are planning to enroll then you should
    definitely read this article. Various artists give advice to the designer who wishes to go to design school.

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  • What to Expect with a Wacom Cintiq

    This is an article specifically written for the Wacom Cintiq owners. The author of the article shows you what to expect with this tablet and shows you how to
    properly set it up.

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  • Graphic Design Portfolios that Rock

    This article features some amazing graphic design portfolios. The designs here are very
    inspirational and are worth a look if you plan to create a portfolio for yourself.

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