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Best of the Web - February 2010

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The shortest month of the year in 2010 is definitely not short on content for our readers. This month was packed with some high quality content in all areas. First we have some great tutorials that cover a lot of genres like 3D, painting, typography and more. The freebies are high quality and great as always, awesome wallpapers as well as fonts and icons. And last but not least we have sets of articles and inspirational posts that are packed with great art. This month features both SlashTHREE and DepthCore releases, so get ready to be inspired and check it all out.

Tutorial Wrap

  • Creating 3D Glass Icon

    The first tutorial of the month is a fairly simple one with a great final product. This tutorial shows you how to create a nice and sleek 3d glass cube icon with an orb inside it. The techniques used to create this icon are fairly simple if you are a somewhat advanced designer, but if you are starting out then some of the explanations here like lighting are essential thing to learn. So try this tutorial out and put your own spin on it.

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  • Creating an Underwater Omega Code Poster

    Our next tutorial is something for the more advance users that enjoy mixing realism with 3D imagery. The Omega code project was founded over a year ago and sprouted hundreds of amazing pieces of art using the triangle logo. In this tutorial the author will go into a detailed explanation of how to create your 3D triangle logo and then incorporate it within a realistic environment. This is definitely something everyone should check out.

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  • Create Retro Poster Art

    This tutorial is not too advanced but then again not too easy. The tutorial will show you how to take regular stocks and blend them with other images to create a retro poster. The author of this tutorial does a great job of showing you exactly how to give that retro feel to your art, from the type of colors to shapes that decorate your canvas.

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  • Build Type With Flair

    Typography can be a very tough thing to master, but once you do it will be a breeze for you to incorporate various images with your type. This tutorial is proof of that, the tutorial itself is simple, but the end result is sleek and clean. The colors compliment everything that is in the piece, while it is not too distracting. The author will show you his inspiration to create this specific typographical piece and then show you step by step how he made it. If you are interested in further practicing typography then this is your tutorial.

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  • Creating A Typographic Portrait

    This is a very common type of typography, having a bunch of text floating around that comes together to form a portrait of a person. This tutorial is a basic look at what goes into making one of these portraits. Like I pointed out before, this is a basic tutorial that is easy to do, but you do need to know this if you would like to try to do more with this specific style. So one again the typography lovers should check this one out for sure.

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  • Learning New Shading Skills

    Our last tutorial of the month will show the reader the importance of proper shading in their art. The author first brings us a pre-completed piece of art that is all in one shade of color. Next the author explains how with layer masks the process of shading is made easier; The final product fully shaded looks amazing and the importance of it should definitely be noted by all.

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(FREE!) Download Picks

  • Fresh Free Fonts

    Our first freebie of the month is a set of 4 very diverse and cool fonts that should be downloaded by all. The fonts range from being script based to elegant and curvy. There is a great selection in this pack of fonts, so everyone should check it out because there are a lot of uses for these fonts.

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  • Dark And Clean WordPress Theme

    This freebie is for all the bloggers out there. This is a free black and pink colored wordpress theme. This is probably one of the best and cleanest themes you are ever going to get for free, so take advantage of now and download it quick. Everything from the background to the colors blend together beautifully.

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  • Erik Schumacher Painted Wallpaper

    Our Next freebie is a painted wallpaper courtesy of Abduzeedo. This wallpaper was painted by designer Erik Schumacher whose portfolio you can visit by checking out this wallpaper. If you like heroines with guns, then this should be your new desktop wallpaper because the detail is awesome.

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  • Grunge Cracks Texture

    This freebie is a pack containing five, high quality grunge crack textures. They are sure to give your artwork a nice rough feel to it, so if this is something you think you will need in the future, be sure to check it out and download it.

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  • 40 Sets of Social Media Icons

    Since social media websites are probably the most popular websites out there now, Youthedesigner figured they would compile a list of awesome, high quality, social media icon sets. The styles of the icons range from hand drawn to creative origami. Everyone should browse through this pack and pick out the stuff they like.

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Article Wrap

  • SlashTHREE Art pack- Unleashed

    Our first article isn't really an article but it is something that is heavy on inspiration. SlashTHREE's newest pack of artwork entitled
    "Unleashed" has just been released and there are a bunch of amazing designs in there. There is not much to say, as the beautiful artwork speaks for itself.

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  • The Myth of DPI

    This is an informative article focused on explaining exactly what "DPI" really is. The article is a good read with a lots of clear points, and it shows you how the difference in DPI affects an image on the net.

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  • Automobile Logo Evolution

    This article is for all the logo and car enthusiasts out there. The author will give you many examples of how famous car logos like: Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Cadillac, and many others have changed throughout the years. The article also gives a few paragraphs on the history of the company as well as the logos.

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  • How to Find Awesome Clients

    This is one for the freelance designers out there, finding an awesome client that makes your job easy is probably a dream for anybody who is employed under someone. And this
    article walks you through a few important steps that are involved in finding the right person to do design work for.

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  • 12 Secrets Of Effective Business Communication

    This article focuses on the importance of communication in the workplace and what it will bring if you know how to use it to your advantage. The article covers various points like face to face networking, and addressing problems in the workspace. All this will lead to better communication between you and whoever you are working with/for and in turn that will lead to you doing a better quality work.

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  • Essential Tips For Graphic Design Blog Management

    If you are someone who runs a graphic design blog, then this is a must read for you because this article gives some important tips on running a design blog. To have a successful design blog the author says you will have to do various things like use social media to your advantage, as well as do guest posts on other popular blogs. That plus a lot of other tips will lead you to have a very successful graphic design blog.

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  • Depthcore Art pack- Eve

    To wrap things up we are giving you another dose of inspiration just in case everything else wasn't enough. This post is Depthcore's newest art pack entitled "Eve," like always it contains some of the most amazing art you will see on the net all in one place. This is a must see for all designers because the imagery created by the talented designers at Depthcore is incredible.

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