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Best of the Web - February 2009

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February is known for its lack of days when we have a leap year but there is no lack in great Photoshop material! This month we have tutorials on creating a breathtaking fantasy scene, an amazing set of icons and wallpapers, and the usual inspirational articles. So lets get into it!

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  • Creating Dynamic Distortion Effects

    Computer Arts provides us another professional tutorial with a great outcome. Here you will learn how to create pro-looking
    distortions using simple brushes.

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  • Space Explosion Tutorial

    Space art is a very popular type of design style, and it never hurts to learn some new techniques. Here you will make an amazing collision space scene using stocks and brushes. If your looking for more on this subject, then check our tutorial archives: Fiery Photoshop Space Explosion Tutorial.

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  • Creating an Epic Fantasy Scene

    This is another amazing tutorial by the guys at Tutorial9. In this photo-manipulation tutorial you will learn how to take stocks and edit and combine them to create an amazing fantasy scene.

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  • Color Combustion

    Here we have another photo-manipulation tutorial. This one involves very simple
    Photoshop techniques to create a very colorful scene.

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  • Landscape Tutorial

    This tutorial shows us how to create a breathtaking landscape scene. The author shows you how to take different landscape scenes and merge them
    together to create one amazing scene.

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  • Photoshop HDR

    This tutorial will show you how to take your photos and apply effects to them and convert to HDR.

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(FREE!) Download Picks

  • 5 Carbon Fiber Textures

    This is a great set of textures if you are into creating sports cars in Photoshop. There is always a need for some carbon fiber, so download this texture.

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  • 20 Fantastic Deviant Wallpapers

    The writers at Abduzeedo have rounded up 20 amazing wallpapers from the
    talented artists of Deviant Art.

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  • Photoshop Brush Collection

    Here we have over 200 amazing brushes. There are 9 packs included and they are filled with amazing brushes.

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  • Retro Icon Set

    This is an awesome icon set of 10 professionally made retro icons. There are icons for everything from Email to RSS.

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  • Custom Vector Pack

    The guys at Bittbox have given us an awesome vector pack. There are 6 different types of vector packs inside of this one. A lot of nice stuff so this is a must download.

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  • Vector Set Sampler

    This is an awesome vector set by the guys at GomediaZine. There are 14 great vectors in this pack ranging from superheroes to skeletons. So check it out!

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  • 7 Tips for Improving Your Portfolio

    Now all graphic designers who plan to sell their services need to have portfolio's. So this is an article everyone should really read, these tips to increase the views on your portfolio.

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  • 10 Steps for a Perfect Portfolio

    If you are still unsure on how to perfect your portfolio, than you should definitely check this article
    which gives you an additional 10 tips to create a perfect portfolio. It also gives you a ton of examples of great portfolios.

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  • How Much to Charge for Design Work?

    This is an informative article that covers multiple designers points of view on formulas for charging clients. Many of the artists pose questions one should ask to derive this number. Some focus on looking at your own expenses and talent, and others have you look to the competitive landscape.

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  • Beautiful Blog Designs

    If you are creating a blog and need some inspiration, then check this post out. The author rounds up 21 of the best looking blogs out there. Or visit Outlaw Design Blog for a look at Cool App websites.

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  • 101 Breathtaking Infrared Photographs

    Infrared photography can really bring a photograph to life in front of your eyes. So you should definitely check out this compilation of 101 amazing infrared photographs.

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  • 40 Creative Inspirational Piece's of Art

    These 40 conceptual designs are extremely creative and colorful. Noupe provides us with "provide you with some creative, expressive and appealing print, packaging, book cover, paper arts, pop-up books, paper toys, posters, et... In other words, anything made of paper."

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  • 42 Twitter Backgrounds

    Now almost everybody has either visited or owns a twitter page. This is a compilation of 42 awesome Twitter backgrounds. If your looking to design your Twitter page, then check this post out for inspiration.

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