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Best of the Web - December 2009

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This last month of the year has been filled with a truckload of awesome content, many of our favorite websites are also rounding up their favorite content of the year - giving us even more great work to check out.

Since December is associated with Christmas numerous websites were in a giving mood, so there is a great selection of freebies this month, on top of that we have another set of quality tutorials including 30 of the best ones this year.

Finally we have some articles as well as inspirational collections, for example we featured the newest release from Intrinsic Nature; a very talented group of designers. So lets wrap up this last month of 2009, and welcome the new year!

Tutorial Wrap

  • 30 best Photoshop Tutorials

    Our first tutorial is a great roundup of the 30 best tutorials that have been given to us in 2009. Of course, some Psdtuts+ tutorials are featured. There are also a bunch tutorials from across the web that focus on different aspects, like typography, painting, and photo manipulation. So check it out and stay busy in the new year trying these out.

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  • 1980's Text Effects

    Here we have a very cool typography tutorial that is recreating a 1980's text effect. The author of this tutorial gives a very detailed description of how to use
    Photoshop's layer styles. The final result looks great. I recommend this to everyone, since this can be applied to a lot of different art.

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  • Creating a Zoomed in Effect

    This tutorial shows how to make a very simple yet effective effect. The author walks you though how to make a realistic looking magnifying glass that enlarges whatever it goes over. So if this is something that interests you, then go ahead and check it out, and then apply it to things like icons or anything else you see fit.

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  • Creating a 3D Notebook in Photoshop

    Creating 3D objects in Photoshop is a challenge, but if it is mastered than you can pretty much make anything you want. This tutorial will show you how to make a very realistic looking notebook that is also three-dimensional. You can also customize it to your taste adding whatever you want onto it, after that you can use it as an icon. So this is something everyone should check out to learn how to capture realism in 3D objects.

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  • Painting Clouds

    This video tutorial is for all the painters out there. Painting the sky and clouds for scenery paintings are a difficult thing to master. So the author of this tutorial gives you two videos on how to paint realistic looking clouds. He shares his great painting techniques with us. So if you are an aspiring digital painter, then go ahead and check this out, then try to paint something yourself.

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(FREE!) Download Picks

  • 35 Wallpapers to Celebrate 2010

    Our first freebie is a great pack of specially made 2010 wallpapers. Not much to say about this, other than that they are all top quality wallpapers. There are a lot of different styles from 3D to colorful typography. So check it out and download a few of them.

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  • Design Resource Roundup

    Here is another generous roundup done collecting a large amount of free content for us. This pack contains everything from icons, to tutorials, to brushes and patterns. And on top of that, this is only part one, so make sure to check out part two as well, and download everything you need.

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  • Grunge Frost Texture Pack

    Here we have a unique and cool texture for everyone to download. With the winter months already here the guys at BittBox figured a frosty grunge texture would fit in with the season. The pack contains five high quality, icy, grunge textures, so everyone should check this out and download them.

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  • Panda Social Network Icons

    We always see many different social networking icons, and here is another pack. This is a very nice and unique pack of pandas with various social networking logos on them. It covers all of the standard networks, so if this appeals to you then go ahead and check it out.

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  • Tribbon Layered Font

    Here we have a very cool looking exclusive font created by Dominic Le-Hair. The font is detailed and it looks great when color is added. Some colorful examples are given of how the font could be used, so check it out and add it to your collection.

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  • 30 Hand Drawn Icon Pack

    The next to last freebie is an icon pack of hand drawn icons ranging from social networking, RSS, and other basic icons, like mail and trash. So if this is something that you want to use go ahead and download it.

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  • Dried Blood Splatter Brush Set

    So our last freebie listed this month is this great blood brush pack. These splatters were made with watercolor paint and then imported to Photoshop so the strokes are as authentic as we can get without actually killing someone. There is an astounding 172 brushes in this pack so this is another must download for everyone.

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Articles and Inspiration Wrap

  • Intrinsic Nature Experiment 7

    Intrinsic Nature is a great design community that produces some amazing art. Their 7th pack has recently come out with 52 that are both visual and audio. So everyone should show some support by checking out all the works that are featured.

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  • How to get a Professional Look with Color

    This is a great article that gives you some very thorough examples on how to get professional looks using the correct colors. The right colors can say something for your website and the wrong colors can turn people off, so check this out and learn how to use color to your advantage.

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  • Typography Mania

    This is a great collection for the typography enthusiasts among the readers. The author of this article features a bunch of inspirational typographic images that are bound to inspire anyone.

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  • 40 Inspiring Images Taken at Night

    Urban landscapes simply light up when the sun goes down and that makes for some amazing inspirational shots. Scenic landscapes also look amazing at night so that is why the author of this article gathered a mix of the two and found some inspirational shots of urban and scenic areas at night. From Tokyo to the mountains of Argentina, you will find something that inspires you.

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  • Font Design Vesper Typeface

    This is an interesting article that walks through the origins and steps it took to complete a very cool looking font called Vesper. Not only that but the future of the font is also discussed, so if you are into the creation of typography than this is definitely a good read.

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  • 40 Vintage Posters

    Here is some more inspiration for our readers. The author of this article found 40 great
    colorful vintage posters to inspire the designers out there to use some vintage color
    pallets that are somewhat different from what is seen now in design. So go back in time with these vintage posters and see if you want to use some of these color

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  • Best of 2009 In the Creative Industry

    This final article talks about the best and most creative websites/ideas created in 2009. One of the picks includes the redesign of the Envato marketplace. On top of that there are a bunch of other websites that offer great content, so this is something everyone should check out.

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