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Here we have the last roundup of the year. 2008 was filled with amazing tutorials, freebies, and articles. This specific roundup has a great touch of Christmas in it as well as roundups of the best tutorials and free icon packs for this month. Lets get into it!

Tutorial Wrap

  • Transform Your Doodles

    This is a very cool tutorial because it can incorporate your hand drawn artwork into the actual design in

    Photoshop. The designer gives you a lot of cool tips for taking your plain doodles and turning them into an attractive design.

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  • Creating The New Retro

    Here we have a very insightful tutorial on taking your modern designs and adding a retro feel to it. You can

    incorporate this style into any piece of art you create so that makes it even more


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  • Making a Realistic Dog Robot

    Another interesting tutorial, this is a unique look into how to take different stocks and merge them to form a robotic dog. This is a tutorial everyone should check out.

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  • Impressive Watercolor Splatter Tutorial

    This is a unique tutorial that shows you how to make your own splatter brushes by actually using paint and then

    transferring that onto your computer and using them on a cool design.

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  • Making of the Photographer

    For all the Digital Painting enthusiasts this is the tutorial for you, the artist gives a 4 page tutorial on how he painted his amazing piece entitled "The


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  • Psychedelic Life Tutorial

    This is a great tutorial from Abduzeedo; Guilherme Marconi shows you how to take your shapes and designs and mix them into a spectacular patterned piece.

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  • 100 Most Popular Tutorials

    With the year ending, all the websites are doing roundups and here we have a list of the 100 best Photoshop tutorials of 2008. Every designer should check this out. There are a lot of great tutorials in this list.

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(FREE!) Download Picks

  • 100+ Holiday Icons

    Since December is a month filled with holiday joy the people at YouTheDesigner have rounded up a 100+ holiday icons. They are a must download.

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  • 75 Eye Catching Aerial Photographs

    Here we have a cool pack of aerial photography. Some of these pictures are incredible and they give everyone a different perspective of the world.

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  • Christmas Icons Set

    If your really in need of some icons then you've come to the right place. Here

    is another pack of festive holiday icons.

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  • Baja California Font

    Designers should have as many quality fonts as they can get their hands on. And here is a new cool font from Bittbox.

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  • Victorian Ladies Brush

    This is a very unique brush, its a pack Victorian Women as brushes.

    Definitely a download just because not many people will have this unique font and it will bring a nice old feel to your art.

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  • Christmas Ornaments Icon Pack

    The Outlaw Design Blog has brought us a pack of great icons. They give us some

    awesome Christmas ornament icons that have images of social websites on them. So they are great if you need icons for your Twitter, or Facebook pages.

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  • 50 Best Icon Sets Of 2008

    This is an ultimate freebie, here we have a roundup of the 50 best icon packs. So you get 100's of the best icons all to download for free. Go and look through the best icons created in 2008.

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Article Wrap

  • Best and Worst Logos of 2008

    Another roundup, this one is the best and worst logos of 2008. The author gives a

    insightful explanation on each pick.

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  • Best Fonts of 2008

    Since we featured the best logos of the year we have to feature the best Typefaces of the year also. So here are the best fonts of the year.

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  • 10 Tips for Getting into Graphic Design School

    This is a must read for all the up and coming designers who are planning to go to graphic design school. This article gives 10 tips for you to get accepted into a good design school.

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  • Beautiful Online Portfolios

    A great article for inspiration in the field of Portfolios. Look through these great portfolios and you surely will be inspired.

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  • Just Creative Design 2008 Roundup

    Another roundup, this one goes through the best articles of the year. The author also runs down his personal favorite articles from 2008.

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  • Which Graphics Tablet or Digital Graphics Pen Display Should Graphic Designers Buy

    Another very informative article, this

    one runs down the best tablets out right now. If you are looking to buy a

    Tablet you should really read this and learn which one is for you.

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  • PDF Documents for Every Designer

    The author of this article gives us the best PDF documents that are essential to design. Everyone should give this a look and check out all the PDF's that are featured in the article.

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