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Best of the Vector Web – November 2009

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Each month we round rockstar vector content from around the web. This month we had a lot of fun identifying awesome vector tutorials, freebies, and inspirational articles!

Jump over to tutorials on creating happy monsters, seamless patterns, rocking tongues, and more. Download freebies like unique snowflakes and sketchy heraldry. And check out articles on various topics, such as big type, vector inspiration, and grunge design. Take a moment to review a bunch of super-yummy, vector content from around the web for November 2009!

Tutorial Wrap

  • Create a Rolling Stones Inspired Tongue Illustration

    The Rolling Stones are an iconic brand in music. Just about everyone immediately recognizes those shiny lips as the groups symbol. This fantastic tutorial from Spoon Graphics demonstrates how to illustrate a similar pair of lips in Illustrator.

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  • Draw a Happy Monster Illustration

    There are a lot of monster illustrations out there. Some are mean, some ugly, some nice, and some cute. This tutorial from AI Monkey demonstrates how to draw a complex monster illustration from scratch using the pen tool and gradients.

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  • How to Design a Hand-Drawn Vector Pattern Using Pencils, Photoshop and Illustrator

    There are a lot of ways to produce seamless patterns in Illustrator. Some techniques are more advanced than others. This tutorial from Spyre Studios demonstrates how to create a seamless floral pattern from a sketch.

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  • Olympic Logo Tutorial #2: Lillehammer 1994

    Olympic logos are almost always memorable. This tutorial from Vector Diary revisits the 1994 Olympic Games in Lillehammer and demonstrates how to recreate this iconic logo using basic knowledge of Illustrator.

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  • Create Your Own Set of Multi-Colored Illustrator Paint Brushes

    Ever since releasing my first set of multi-colored Illustrator Paint brushes about a year ago I have frequently fielded questions from readers asking how they were produced. This tutorial from Colorburned (my site) demonstrates my technique and also includes a short video.

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  • Quick Tip: Creating Swirly Vectors Using Illustrator

    Swirly vector are often a popular design element used in illustrations. This tutorial from Creative Nerds demonstrates how to produce this effect using some basic Illustrator tools and also includes a video demonstrating the process.

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(FREE!) Download Picks

  • Free Illustrator Vector Heraldry

    I don’t know about you guys but I’m a sucker for the hand drawn look. Vector heraldry and flourishes should be an important part of every designer’s toolbox. This free set of vector heraldry from ARS Grafik is an excellent example of quality workmanship.

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  • Just Decor Patterns

    These beautiful décor patterns from Pehaa would work well in just about any capacity; package designs, fabric, wallpaper, or even as a background in one of your designs. Download this set and put them to task.

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  • Free Seamless Pattern – Baroque

    Baroque patterns are easily one of my favorite styles. This gorgeous set of seamless baroque patterns from Designious is amazing and can be downloaded and used in your work for free.

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  • Free Vector Snowflakes

    It’s that time of year again. Time to put away your swim trunks and dig out your warm clothing. This set of free vector snowflakes from Pattern Head would make an excellent addition to your winter design toolbox. These vectors can easily be used to create a beautiful winter landscape.

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  • Distressed Grunge Pack – 26 Brushes + 26 Vectors

    Grungy and distressed elements are always useful to a designer. This set of 26 vector grunge elements are great for destroying your designs. It also includes 26 Photoshop brushes which can be easily used to help break up text or create worn raster elements.

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Articles and Inspiration

  • 50 Stunning Video Game Concept Art

    Video games are a fantastic source for design inspiration. Concept art requires a high level of skill and talent to produce and is often produced using a combination of Photoshop and 3D software such as Maya. This roundup from Six Revisions includes some amazing examples of video game concept art.

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  • Grunge in Web Design: Samples and Best Practices

    Grunge is a popular style used among web designers. This round up from Spyre Studios features some excellent examples of grunge in web design and also includes examples and best practices of various techniques.

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  • Showcase of Big, Bold Typography

    Big, bold typography can be a very powerful tool for conveying a message or achieving a desired look. This article from DesignM.ag showcases more than 25 items that feature big, bold typography.

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  • Calligraphy and Handwriting Showcase

    High quality typography can be an excellent source of inspiration for graphic designers. Skilled calligraphists can produce some beautiful and impressive designs and those designs can easily be translated into graphic design. This article from Noupe showcases several excellent examples of calligraphy and handwriting.

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  • Weekly Vector Inspiration #43

    This round up from Vectips is part of their weekly series showcasing inspirational vector art. Although the series showcases vector art, some work might only be vector inspired. Either way, there are some excellent examples of vector art included here so check it out.

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